BearingPoint Study Assesses and Compares the Digital Maturity of Driving License Services in Countries Around the Globe

The study identifies opportunities for government organizations responsible for driving license services to achieve higher levels of service and digital maturity

Andrew Montgomery, Global Leader Government and Public Sector at BearingPoint (Photo: Business Wire)

DUBLIN--()--In its new study, management and technology consultancy BearingPoint assesses the digital maturity of driving license services in 19 countries around the globe as government administrations evolve and reconfigure their services and organizations for the “new normal.” Using a two-stage analysis approach, the “Driving License Digital Leaders Study” identifies both constraints and potential opportunities that may exist as countries transition to higher levels of digitalization and overall service maturity. Sweden stood out in the analysis as the only country classified at level four (on a scale from one – lowest level – to five – highest level) in the service maturity assessment; Sweden also outscored all other countries by a wide margin in the digital maturity assessment.

The latest study is part of a series of studies that BearingPoint’s Government and Public Sector team continues to make on citizen-facing public services.

“With developments in digitalization, autonomous driving, connected vehicles and transport integration, we can imagine a model which has converged to a point where there are two options to take on your smart device for your journeys. One, do you want a private transport experience in your own vehicle configured to a point-to-point, personalized journey? Or two, do you want a public transport experience using several integrated modes and shared with others at a lower cost and with a lower level of personalization in terms of routes and services,” says Andrew Montgomery, Global Leader Government and Public Sector at BearingPoint. “But for now, we looked at the common service design features, unique service elements and digital innovations in the provision of driving license services to citizens.”

Most countries still with very low maturity

The study covers 19 countries selected from across Europe and other regions. The countries included in the study are Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Stage one of the study included a review of the maturity of the service delivery and design of the driving license service across all countries included in the study. The service maturity assessment examined the service capability offered to citizens applying for a driving license, highlighting opportunities for countries to digitalize their services further to provide services more effectively and efficiently and enhancing customer experience. Each country was categorized into one of the five levels of service maturity.

Within the service maturity assessment, level one represents a more offline service delivery model for citizens, which indicates that there is no digital service capability provided to citizens, only basic service information provided through the driving license website. Six countries included in the study were classified as level one: Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Romania.

In contrast to level one, level four of the service maturity assessment represents integrated online services that provide citizens with the ability to schedule appointments, apply online for a learner’s permit or a first-time driving license, and potentially some form of online driving license. Only one country was classified as level four: Sweden.

No country is yet at level five, which would see a full end-to-end digital service where applicants can complete all non-practical elements of their driving license online.

Stage two of the study, the digital capability assessment, included further analysis into the driving license services for countries that currently provide a partial or complete online driving license application service. Countries that scored a level two or above in the service maturity assessment (9 of the original 19 countries) were included within the deeper digital capability evaluation. The evaluation was conducted using a scoring matrix analyzing 27 criteria across 11 dimensions and was performed by BearingPoint colleagues around the world.

“Key trends like digital identity and online usability are driving the transformation of services across the globe. In this study, we give people insights into the common service design features, the unique service elements, and the digital innovations that will become the norm in the new normal,” says Andrew Montgomery.

For more details and insights on the digital maturity of driving license services, please read BearingPoint’s new “Driving Licence Digital Leaders Study” here:

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Madison Duffy
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