Revenue Technology Services (RTS) Announces the Next Major Release of the Cargo Solutions Suite

ADDISON, Texas--()--We are quite excited and very pleased to announce about the upcoming 2021 maintenance release of the Cargo Solutions suite. The release includes major technology upgrades and various product specific enhancements across our solutions including Velocity (our revenue management solution), AcceleRate (our pricing solution) and Foresight (our revenue planning and sales budgeting solution).

The 2021 Velocity (Airlines & Cruise Ferry) includes multiple enhancements to the capacity management, allotment management and network management modules to efficiently manage the flight capacities and demand. The forecasting algorithms get a significant boost with newer models and the booking evaluation will also be enhanced with additional business rules. The release also includes an overhaul of the user interface incorporating usability group recommendations, additional performance reports, enhanced mobile solution, system hardening enhancements, and defect fixes.

The 2021 AcceleRate includes route-based contract rates, upselling and cross selling of best available rates mimicking the passenger shopping experience, user interface overhaul based on usability group recommendations and enhanced rating business rules engine. The release also includes additional reports, enhanced mobile solution, system hardening enhancements, and defect fixes.

2021 Foresight includes enhanced router, cost module changes, pandemic based onload / offload station capability, and sales targets functionality and additional reports. The release also includes other user interface overhaul based on usability group recommendations, system hardening enhancements and bug fixes.

Mahesh Vemula, Senior Director of RTS, said, “I am very excited about the upcoming maintenance release that can provide significant benefits to revenue management, network planning and pricing analysts with the introduction of new models and functional enhancements along with technology upgrades.”

Mukundh Parthasarathy, Senior Vice President for Revenue Technology Services, chimed in, “I am super pleased about the direction of the cargo suite road map and the fact that this is determined by the user group of airlines and cruise ferries. The fact that every customer in our user community is a thought leader bodes well for the future RTS.”

We are very proud to deliver to our promise of continuously upgrading our solutions to maintain our industry leadership in these areas. Our services team will be contacting the Client’s project managers to schedule the maintenance release deployment.

About RTS

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Andi McCall


Andi McCall