Elk Audio Announces Availability and Pricing for Elk LIVE Remote Collaboration Music Service

Realtime plug-and-play solution keeps remote music collaborators in sync with outstanding studio quality audio; Available for pre-order at www.elk.live

Realtime Remote Collaboration Music Device, Elk LIVE, Available for Pre-Order (Photo: Business Wire)

STOCKHOLM--()--Elk, award-winning developers of professional audio technologies, today announced the commercial availability of its Elk LIVE realtime remote collaboration service for musicians (formerly Aloha by Elk). Powered by the ultra-low latency Elk Audio OS, Elk LIVE lets musicians play together live and in sync from different locations. The plug-and-play solution includes the Elk LIVE Bridge, a high-performance audio network hub, and the Elk LIVE smart app with video chat and monitoring controls to deliver an immersive studio experience.

The Elk LIVE Experience

Effortless set up and easy to use, Elk LIVE lets artists, musicians, producers, and educators in different locations collaborate, coach, rehearse and play live and in sync with their favorite instrument as if they were in the same room. Elk LIVE mitigates problematic latency and delivers outstanding lossless clarity, ensuring important cues such as hearing breaths, shifts in tempo, and expressive variation are fully audible and in sync. The result is a transformative audio and visual experience.

“The dream to connect artists and instruments across geographical boundaries and borders in the world of music has always been there, but it was not achievable until today,” comments Michele Benincaso, founder and director, Elk Audio. “Elk LIVE brings music into the hyper-connected world, allowing us to be more spontaneous and engage with one another when creativity strikes, regardless of where we are. It offers an unrivaled, immersive experience that compliments the moments when we do play together in person.”

Free from physical constraints, Elk LIVE can reduce the need for travel. Rehearsals and studio recordings can take place in any location, at any time, with any artist. Benincaso elaborates on the profound benefits and opportunities Elk LIVE offers, “This new conduit for remote creative flow allows us to approach collaboration in a more sustainable way while freeing us to step further outside the boundaries and connect with artists to explore entirely new music genres.”

Elk LIVE App

Users can access the Elk LIVE app on smartphones, tablets and computers over high-speed internet and 5G networks. Feature highlights include:

  • 2-5 Player Sessions: Elk LIVE lets you connect up to five people within a 620 mile / 1000 km radius and play like you’re in the same room.
  • Mixer: The onboard mixer gives you total control of the Elk LIVE Bridge and lets you send two channels of audio and receive the same from each player.
  • Video Chat: Visually connect with each other to see important queues and communications.
  • Web App: No installation needed. Join your Elk LIVE sessions from the device of your choice.
  • Unique Perception Tools: Elk’s proprietary Perceived Latency Compensation tools allow users to manipulate physics and play over even longer distances.

Elk LIVE Bridge

The Elk LIVE Bridge, which connects to the internet via a standard router, features onboard A/D and D/A converters, giving outstanding studio quality audio. Users can connect external high-end studio converters for super-critical performances and record digitally for 100% lossless quality. Benincaso adds, “You can easily connect your microphone and instrument and have that ultra low-latency experience you need for a great music experience thanks to the Elk Audio OS.”

When not used for playing live, the Elk LIVE Bridge functions like a standard class-compliant USB audio interface, making it the perfect tool for both online and offline musical adventures.

Elk LIVE Bridge Specifications

Two analog inputs (XLR / TRS combo connector)


• Line (balanced and unbalanced +22dBu max input level)

• Microphone preamp (-12dBu max input level)

• Instrument (unbalanced on TRS/TS connector only +13dBu max input level)

• Selectable 48V phantom power per port (XLR only)

Four analog outputs


• Two unbalanced 1/4" line outputs, +Two dBu maximum output level

• Stereo headphone output (selectable 1/4" or 3,5mm), +4dBu maximum output level

Digital In/Output


USB class-compliant

(UAC-2) Audio/MIDI device

A/D and D/A conversion

24-bit up to 192kHz


Gigabit (1000BASE-T)


5 V, 3 A(15W) USB type C


5.51x5.51x1.77in or 140x140x45mm


1.06 pounds or 483 gr

Audio OS

Elk Audio OS - Ultra Low-Latency Audio Operating System

Elk LIVE Availability and Pricing

Elk LIVE is available for pre-order in three key markets: US, Canada, and Europe at www.elk.live for the following price points:

  • Elk LIVE smart app service retails for 15.99USD/13.99EUR/11.99GBP per month tax excluded.
  • Elk LIVE Bridge retails for 399.00USD/329.00EUR/289.00GBP tax excluded.

A limited pre-order discount of 20% will be offered on the Elk LIVE Bridge with discount code PLAYWITHELKLIVE. Elk LIVE will begin shipping to key market customers in early Q4, 2021, with global rollout in Q1, 2022.

About Elk

Elk is a Stockholm-based company that develops technologies enabling a new generation of connected musical instruments and audio devices. Elk's ambition is to create new ways to bridge the gap between musicians and technology, changing how to learn, create, record and share music.


Kristin Canders
Zazil Media Group
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Release Summary

Available for pre-order: realtime plug-and-play solution, Elk LIVE, keeps remote music collaborators in sync with outstanding studio quality audio.

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Kristin Canders
Zazil Media Group
(e) kristin@zazilmediagroup.com
(p) +1 (207) 974-7744