VIXCO to Launch VIXPAY Commercial Service That Offers Real-time Payment

SEOUL, South Korea--()--Blockchain platform VIXCO announced on the 28th that it will launch VIXPAY commercial service that supports reward and payment.

VIXPAY is a payment service combined with an application Yollet and a POS terminal.

If a customer pays at a store using the VIXPAY POS terminal, VIXCO (VIX) is rewarded to the customer and the store owner through Yollet app. Users can use the VIXs like cash at VIXPAY affiliated stores across the country.

In April, the company has completed the test of the Yollet application and POS terminals that will be used in the VIXPAY service successfully.

VIXPAY aims to provide an environment where stores and customers are digitally connected seamlessly. VIXPAY enables users to perform hassle-free payments and enjoy rewards without a complicated sign-up process or charging procedure. By offering QR codes made with VIXPAY service to the store owner, customers can simply make transactions without contacting at a close distance.

As for stores, VIXPAY provides them with coupon issuance service, point management service, mobile promotion service, etc. VIXPAY affiliated stores can acquire regular customers by offering coupons and VIX accumulation via VIXPAY.

VIXPAY users will have the luxury of engaging in various digital services, including paying with VIXs.

A VIXCO official said, “VIXPAY is expected to serve as a bridgehead connecting stores and customers by building a platform that accelerates the digitalization of stores around the world. We plan to lay the foundation for the future growth through continuous launches.”

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Misong Kang