Sensea Immersive Opens Doors in Canada

One of the featured immersive rooms staged at the Da Vinci Experience. (Photo: Business Wire)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--()--Sensea Canada is set to open doors to the public, June 28, 2021, marking the official grand opening of the highly-anticipated Da Vinci Experience.

Brought to life through a combination of audio, visual, and sensory technology, the Da Vinci Experience is an immersive storytelling narrative that shares the life, work, and history of Leonardo Da Vinci. Having sold more than 10,000 tickets leading up to opening day, the grand opening has been highly anticipated across the Vancouver and Lower Mainland region.

Hosted by Sensea Immersive, the Da Vinci Experience is a production of Crossmedia Group from Florence, Italy, previously staged internationally, and the first time accessible in Canada or the US. To celebrate Monday's grand opening, the Consuls General of Italy, Mexico, and France will all be in attendance.

Guests will enter a 13,300 sq. ft. facility, including 360-degree projections, 360 Dolby Sound, and virtual reality technology that highlights the historic moments behind the artwork, inventions, and academic contributions of the artist, inventor, engineer, innovator, and genius that is Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition to the video-mapping narrative and visual pairing, the Da Vinci Experience will feature 10 authentic replications of Da Vinci’s inventions. Recreated from historic notes and documents, these replicas provide a life-size look at the mind and curiosity of the world-famous Da Vinci.

The Da Vinci Experience is staged at Entrance #3 of Tsawwassen Mills Mall, located at 5000 Canoe Pass Way, Tsawwassen, BC V4M 4G8, Canadá.

All tickets come with a guarantee of rescheduled dates following delays that could arise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If the buyer's time to attend the Da Vinci Experience is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sensea Canada will reschedule the buyer at the earliest date and time available at no additional cost.

The Da Vinci Experience is scheduled to remain open to the public through March 2022. Tickets remain available for upcoming shows and can be purchased here.

Sensea Immersive is the trade name for Crossmedia Canada Ltd., established in 2020 in Vancouver, BC. In collaboration with the Crossmedia Group of Florence, Sensea Immersive is known for immersive "edutainment" exhibits that provide educational experiences across North America. Established in 2008, Crossmedia Group has a catalogue of productions to satisfy the growing demand for innovative and immersive entertainment, specializing in multimedia exhibitions, applications, audiovisuals, digital and print editorial products. The Da Vinci Experience is Crossmedia Group’s iconic creation to celebrate the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci.


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Sensea Canada opens doors to the public, marking the official grand opening of the highly-anticipated Da Vinci Experience.

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Emma Whiten | Jelly Marketing | | 604.674.3559 ext. 8