Windstream Launches ICON, a New Generation Network Architecture Advancing Smarter High-Capacity Optical Services

Network expansions include highly desirable new routes from Hillsboro to Portland and on to Sacramento and Los Angeles to Las Vegas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.--()--Windstream Wholesale, a leading provider of advanced optical solutions, has launched ICON, its Intelligent Converged Optical Network. With this open and disaggregated networking infrastructure, Windstream provides wholesale and enterprise technology leaders the ability to select unique custom routes, maintain operational insights with Windstream’s Network Intelligence functions, and place their networks closer to the edge to better serve end-users.

ICON delivers new functionality and enhancements to optical services:

  • Intelligent – network intelligence customer portal and API provide Layer 0-3 network insights
  • Converged – disaggregated network architecture enables best of breed open line system, scalability and alien wave support
  • Optical – Flexgrid and C+L band support enable extreme bandwidth growth
  • Network - efficient architecture between local and long-haul networks

ICON has been reimagined with efficiency, speed, and diversity in mind, providing a high-bandwidth infrastructure that will enable the digital transformation and innovation needed for today’s rapidly evolving businesses.

As part of its network enhancement, Windstream Wholesale has also bolstered its commitment to the West Coast of the U.S. The new ICON includes new routes from Hillsboro and Portland to Sacramento, and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The expansion into Hillsboro, a thriving high-tech community known as the “Silicon Forest,” will provide customers in the local ecosystem with diverse connectivity to data centers across the country and pave the way for future customer needs from hyperscalers and cloud providers.

Windstream’s ICON also boasts organizational and financial advantages such as quicker turn-up times of custom solutions and greater flexibility to adapt to exclusive use cases. ICON provides unique and valuable network functionality by:

  • Providing customer-centric design options, offering more bandwidth along with multi-vendor interop support;
  • Delivering insight and control through an industry-leading Network Intelligence console, and
  • Supporting spectrum services with mixed add/drop capabilities, for the ability to scale while providing cost effective solutions for our customers.

ICON gives end-users access to machine learning based predictive analytics about the health and performance of the network, plus proactive ticketing, monthly SLA reports, and inventory management.

Windstream is deploying ICON in a holistic way so that businesses can leverage additional bandwidth with a low latency, cohesive infrastructure,” said Buddy Bayer, Windstream’s chief network officer. “We took time to be intentional about our network planning so we can ride the technology curve and won’t have to overbuild line systems every time there’s a stair-step advance in technology.”

The two new West Coast ICON routes are powered by Ciena, providing the visibility, insight, and control needed to achieve optimal network performance.

With Ciena, Windstream adds the industry’s highest level of capacity built on an open and automation-ready architecture, ensuring the ICON network can adapt to dynamic and new requirements from customers,” added Kevin Sheehan, chief technology officer of the Americas at Ciena. “Our high-performance coherent optics ensures Windstream can continue to be very successful in their fastest growing markets.”

About Windstream

Windstream Holdings is a privately held communications and software company. Windstream offers managed communications services, including SD-WAN and UCaaS, and high-capacity bandwidth and transport services to businesses across the U.S. The company also provides premium broadband, entertainment, and security services through an enhanced fiber network and 5G fixed wireless service to consumers and small and midsize businesses primarily in rural areas in 18 states. Additional information is available at or . Follow us on Twitter at @Windstream.


Windstream Contact
Scott Morris, 501-748-5342


Windstream Contact
Scott Morris, 501-748-5342