Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, Another Xiaomi Gadget with Premium Quality at Fair Price

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, another Xiaomi gadget with premium quality at fair price (Photo: Business Wire)

SHENZHEN, China--()--Xiaomi is a smart tech brand known for its vitality and innovation. From best-selling Xiaomi phones to smart TVs, Xiaomi offers high-quality yet affordable products that are reputed for 'great value for money' and 'loyal Mi fans'. Recently, Xiaomi launched a new product in the category of home appliances -- Mi Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner G9, another Xiaomi gadget that follows the 'value tradition'.

1. Free from hair tangles

The 120AW strong suction of Mi G9 enables it to suck up dust, debris, hair strands, cereal and coffee beans with ease. Hair on the ground is brought to the intake where it's brushed off the V-shape roller brush by a comb-like part, and sucked up into the air duct. The design not only ensures vacuuming performance, but also frees you from cleaning hair tangles on the brush. If you have pets in the house, G9 is the perfect choice.

2. Long battery life

The 2,500mAh battery allows it to run up to 60 minutes on a full charge. But what is really impressive is the easily detachable design. With a backup battery (though not included in the original packing), you can double the vacuuming time to 120 minutes at one go. This feature certainly appeals to pet owners. Since the battery is replaceable, you won't have to throw away the whole machine when the battery is somehow damaged, thus saving cost in the long run.

3. An arsenal of accessories

Xiaomi is known for simplistic and practical design, as demonstrated by its wide range of accessories. With a mini motorized brush, a crevice tool, and a 2-in-1 soft brush, G9 is capable of handling various cleaning scenarios including air conditioners, keyboards, couches and beds.

In all the above aspects that determine user experience, G9 vacuum cleaner is a good choice. This is the one if you are looking for high quality & fair price.

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Release Summary

Recently, Xiaomi launched a new product in the category of home appliances -- Mi Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner G9.