IDE Water Technologies Launches Israel’s First BWRO Treatment Facility

IDE to design, build and operate the unique Afikey Maim treatment facility, a first of its kind in Israel

KADIMA, Israel--()--IDE Water Technologies, a world leader in water treatment solutions, launches the project with Emek Hama’aynot Water Corporation, including the design, build and operation (DBO) of the Afikey Maim Facility in Israel. IDE will operate the facility for several years with an optional extension, providing approximately 280 m3/h (2,000,000 m3 per year) of high-quality water for agriculture and industrial use in Israel’s Gilboa area, in addition to about 70 m3/h of brine to be used for fish farming ponds.

The Afikey Maim Facility will be the first of its kind brackish/surface water reclamation plant in Israel to reuse the southern Jordan River’s polluted water, implementing IDE's innovative technologies. In recent years, the southern Jordan River has become a channel fed mainly with brackish water from springs around the Sea of Galilee and wastewater from various sources – hindering its use for agriculture. IDE’s advanced process includes a vast pre-treatment process, in order to overcome major fluctuations in algae and organic matter concentration in the feed water, implementing coagulation and sedimentation, sand filtration, micronic filtration, ultrafiltration and desalination. The desalination process operates at an 80% recovery rate. This ensures continuous operation and empowers the facility to increase the fresh water supply while contributing to Israel’s water economy and regional development.

“The Jordan River has tremendous importance and is one of the most recognizable rivers in the world. However, for many years, the river has suffered from pollution, creating high salinity, and the wastewater could not be used for irrigation,” said Ran Ben-Nun, CEO, Afikey Maim. “Thanks to the determination of IDE and the team involved in the project, our agriculture water supply will now benefit from additional high-quality desalinated water fed into the system."

"The Afikey Maim Facility uses the most advanced IDE technology, providing the highest quality water where it is needed most, supporting industry and agriculture,” said Natanel Louzon, Operations & Maintenance Director at IDE Water Technologies. “IDE is excited to champion this project and has proven that the facility meets all requirements in terms of product quality and energy consumption."

Additionally, the water produced from this facility will aid the Gilboa pumped storage project, compensating for evaporation losses from the reservoirs with the use of two hydroelectric turbines.

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Nilly Maik, Head of Marketing


Nilly Maik, Head of Marketing