TouchCare and Picwell Partner to Simplify Plan Selection and Enhance Decision Support

NEW YORK--()--Healthcare concierge service, TouchCare, announced its partnership with Picwell.

Picwell is a leading healthcare technology company providing enterprise solutions to enhance healthcare benefits and improve the consumer experience. Utilizing big data, artificial intelligence, and economic models, Picwell provides accurate plan recommendations and cost analysis (including out-of-pocket-cost & premiums) to ensure that employees select a plan that best fits their healthcare needs.

Combined with TouchCare’s compassionate concierge services provided by healthcare experts, employees receive unlimited access to personalized benefits guidance and support that optimizes their coverage at the best value. The partnership strives to alleviate the confusion and concerns employees often encounter when selecting their health and benefits plans. After receiving scored matches based on a brief questionnaire, employees have access to expert Health Assistants who are available for one-to-one consultations to support employees who might have more complex questions about their recommended plan offerings.

TouchCare’s expert concierge services paired with Picwell’s AI-powered technology and data-driven resources empower employees to make smarter decisions and ensure that they choose the best plan for themselves and their families. Educating your employees isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Some employees will do best with AI-powered technology; some need to talk to a human. With this new partnership, you can address the needs of your entire employee population and ensure employees pick the right plan, translating to an average savings of $500 per employee per year for the employer.

“We are thrilled to work with Touchcare to help employees better understand and choose their benefits. We are confident this partnership will help to reduce confusion and stress associated with benefit plan selections, making open enrollment easier for everyone,” said Matthew Sydney, CEO, Picwell.

“We’re excited to simplify the open enrollment process for employees. Partnering with Picwell combines access to expert support with intuitive technology, creating a streamlined process for plan selection. We look forward to providing our members with greater accessibility to comprehensive healthcare at the best value possible,” said Rob LaHayne, CEO, TouchCare.

About TouchCare

TouchCare is a healthcare concierge service. Its team of Health Assistants helps members save money while making the best decision possible regarding healthcare plans. Furthermore, TouchCare assists members with the navigation of their healthcare benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, and all ancillary benefits. TouchCare conducts regularly scheduled webinars for clients throughout the year, primarily focusing on employee wellness in and out of the workplace. The company partners with the business’s existing HR department to provide open enrollment support and guidance. TouchCare offers 30-minute consultations with members, where they can provide insight on which individual health care plan would benefit them the most. For more information, visit

About Picwell

Picwell is a Philadelphia-based, healthcare technology company providing leading enterprise solutions to enhance healthcare benefits and improve the consumer experience. Picwell’s flagship offering is a SaaS-based decision support product that uses artificial intelligence to match individuals to the right health benefits during enrollment by predicting future care considerations, estimating out-of-pocket expenses, and accounting for individual preferences. Other solutions support consumerism and high-deductible health plan adoption, consumer engagement, and risk management. To learn more, visit


Nicholas Becker


Nicholas Becker