CoEnterprise Releases New Functionality for Eliminating Chargebacks, Managing Short Shipments, and Improving Supply Chain Performance

Platform enhancements enable customers to automatically identify shipment and invoice discrepancies, better manage inventory levels, and avoid costly fines

NEW YORK--()--CoEnterprise, an enterprise software and services company that solves data challenges in real time, today enhanced its flagship SaaS solution, Syncrofy, with new supply chain reporting and analytics functionality. The new features enable buyers and suppliers to quickly identify and solve shipping, invoice, and order discrepancies before they impact the business.

“Short-shipped orders are a headache for everyone. Suppliers get fined for failing to deliver and risk losing future business. Buyers can’t fulfill customer demand because they don’t have enough inventory. And operational teams waste significant time and resources sorting through orders, invoices, and payments to see what went wrong,” said Mahesh Nandyala, chief product officer at CoEnterprise. “Our latest release solves this problem by enabling both parties to easily identify and solve shipment and order discrepancies in real-time.”

The Syncrofy platform automatically aggregates and cross references data from multiple ERPs, warehouse planning systems, payment platforms, and more to give users a single view of what’s happening across the supply chain. Powered by real-time analytics, the platform enables customers to improve performance by providing:

  • Data-based evidence and insight to overcome chargebacks and simplify dispute resolution. Suppliers can proactively make operational adjustments in real-time to avoid penalties, and quickly and easily pull evidence from past shipments to contest fines and chargebacks when necessary.
  • Instant visibility into short shipments. Buyers can see when they are about to be short-shipped and proactively reorder or find a new source of supply before it impacts inventory levels and sales.
  • Automatic invoice, order, payment, and shipment reconciliation. Buyers ensure they only pay for what they order and receive, and suppliers ensure they get paid for what they ship.
  • Line-level visibility into orders, shipments, and payments. The platform automatically parses data and compares values line-by-line, saving everyone time and money.
  • Digitized buyer and supplier collaboration. Supply chain collaboration, efficiency, and performance improves with key data digitized and easily accessible to all parties.

“We’re breaking down barriers across the supply chain with real-time visibility, data, and collaboration,” said Nandyala. “The latest enhancements come at a time when many businesses are facing capacity constraints and struggling to manage supply and demand issues.”

Syncrofy plans to add more features leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies to identify anomalies in dashboards around regions and specific documents, create rules that can be triggered automatically, establish internal monitoring that can trace inbound document flow, perform partner identification, and more.

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Tori Vichroski, Corporate Ink for CoEnterprise

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Tori Vichroski, Corporate Ink for CoEnterprise