Media Sourcery Releases Asset Tracking Solution With Cold Chain Capability

Already in use tracking COVID-19 test kits, this blockchain-powered trust and traceability solution provides assuredness that assets are stored and transported at the correct temperature

COVID-19 test kits in cold storage (Photo: Liberty Distribution)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Workflow automation and security software solutions provider Media Sourcery, Inc. today announced the general availability of its Cold Chain solution. The solution’s initial implementation is in tracking COVID-19 test kits, monitoring that they are stored and transported at the proper temperature at each point in the supply chain.

Liberty Distribution in Simi Valley, CA, operates the cold storage warehouse that receives, stores and ships the COVID-19 test kits. “Our coolers have temperature sensors monitoring that the kits are stored at the correct temperature,” said Louie Manalad, VP of Logistics and Fulfillment. “The tracking provided with this solution lets us scan the kits when we ship them to record this, and allows the customers to scan upon receipt, making sure they were stored and transported correctly.”

The solution takes data from each event in the life of an asset, including location, user, temperature, event type and other details, and puts this information on the shared public ledger of a blockchain. Users can quickly and easily see the entire event history of each asset currently in their inventory, in route to their facility, or used assets history. Media Sourcery’s Cold Chain solution provides an iOS and Android app for scanning assets to log events in real time, and a browser app for reporting, recording data and for handheld barcode scanners.

“The transparency of having a shared public ledger for the transport, storage and handling events of the Osang GeneFinder™ COVID-19 Fast/Plus RealAmp Test Kits will provide unprecedented assurance to our labs, customers and test populations,” said James Bailey, President for Achieve Health Management, US Distributor for the test kits. “This application will also help ensure our end-to-end process provides proper test kit handling and storage in temperature-controlled environments for optimal test performance.”

Media Sourcery partnered with ESG blockchain company Topl, using their BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) offering for this implementation.

“With millions of covid tests performed daily, we are thrilled to contribute verification of temperature and proof of origin for these test kits via our purpose-built blockchain,” said Kim Raath, CEO at Topl. “It further demonstrates the capabilities and possibilities that blockchain technology can offer the world.”

Putting event information as the event happens on the Topl blockchain provides all parties in the cold chain the trust and traceability needed for assets like COVID-19 test kits. If there are events that happened without scanning, possibly events in the past before the Cold Chain solution was implemented, those events can be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting is done by loading a document, photo or other evidence of the event onto a blockchain storage provider such as Arweave, Gaia from Stacks or IPFS. The link to this evidence is added along with the rest of the event information (including the indication that it is a fingerprint and not real-time) to the blockchain transaction.

The temperature of the kits is monitored with patented time-temperature technology from Varcode. Varcode’s Smart Tags™ dynamically change based on customized time and temperature parameters. The labels use a combination of precisely tuned chemicals and a uniquely printed layer to capture temperature variances when and where they occur and create a permanent, irreversible digital record. Varcode time-temperature parameters are added to the blockchain data along with other asset tracking information.

“The addition of Varcode technology to Media Sourcery’s innovative solution directly supports the safe and effective distribution of COVID-19 test kits,” said Joe Battoe, CEO of Varcode. “With the entire supply chain's workflow automated and recorded on a blockchain, point-of-care providers and their patients can be assured of quality diagnoses."

By integrating Media Sourcery’s ETA (Events-Triggers-Actions) rules engine, the time-temperature readings are the events that can trigger actions. These actions can include notifications such as text and email, or more complex actions through integrations.

“The underlying solution supports the tracking of all assets - digital assets, hard assets as well as assets requiring cold storage,” said Larry Ketchersid, CEO of Media Sourcery, Inc. “Our Cold Chain solution is evolutionary from our workflow products, and revolutionary in the practical usage of blockchain technologies."

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Crystal Tate, 1-800-307-0709 x117


Crystal Tate, 1-800-307-0709 x117