TTG Launches New CELLATEX™ ePTFE Products for the Medical Device Market

HIGGINSVILLE, Mo.--()--Trinity Technology Group (TTG, Inc.) has applied the company’s substantial polymer engineering expertise and proprietary manufacturing technology to create the CELLATEX line of microporous expanded PTFE (ePTFE) membranes, tapes, and laminated textiles. Medical device engineers now have a new option for high performance ePTFE products that are specifically designed for medical applications and are made in the USA.

“Our CELLATEX ePTFE products were developed with the medical market’s exacting needs in mind,” says Greg Vas Nunes, TTG’s CEO. “Our strictly controlled manufacturing process generates finely tuned membranes, tapes, and laminated fabrics with uniform microporosity that meet the medical device sector’s stringent quality and performance requirements.”

Expanded PTFE has a long history as a critical component in multiple medical device applications. The material is biocompatible and, combined with a very low surface energy and chemical resistance, is extremely well-suited for implantable and other medical and dental applications. With its proprietary process, TTG can produce ePTFE products with specific, uniform microporosity and other desired properties like flexibility, tenacity, hydrophobicity, tunable permeability, and high dielectric strength.

“Medical ePTFE materials must be extraordinarily consistent and precisely manufactured to deliver the quality and performance that medical applications require,” says Dr. Bruce Anneaux, TTG’s Chief Technology Officer. “CELLATEX ePTFE products have significant advantages that medical device engineers will truly appreciate.” Anneaux joined TTG last year to apply his experience in medical device and biotech R&D and bioengineering product development to the medical ePTFE opportunity and other new markets.

TTG has a long history of providing superior quality microporous ePTFE products for a wide variety of industries such as filtration, automotive, protective gear, and performance apparel. The company’s high capacity lamination and large-scale roll-to-roll plasma treatment technology result in consistent, reliable domestic supply of meticulously engineered products that can be microscopically tailored for any application. The CELLATEX product line is the first of several new focused market segment expansions for TTG.

About TTG

Based in Higginsville, Missouri, TTG (Trinity Technology Group) is a leader in the global ePTFE market. Known as an innovator and collaborative partner, TTG develops proprietary ePTFE technologies that enhance the performance and protection of products, people, and planet. TTG serves the industrial, air pollution control, filtration, microventing, medical, and performance apparel markets with unique, highly functional, premium ePTFE products.


Dr. Bruce Anneaux,

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TTG launches CELLATEX microporous ePTFE membranes for medical devices. CELLATEX is precisely engineered for implantable and other applications.

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Dr. Bruce Anneaux,