Introducing Anther, Nutrition for the Nether Regions

New, Plant-based, Urologist-Formulated Daily Supplement Takes an Early Approach to Intimate Wellness For All Men

NEW YORK--()--Anther, the first patented, plant-based daily supplement specifically formulated for early and long-term penile wellness, is now available at For most men, aging in the smooth muscle cells “down there” begins at the age of 30 and from then on nature can challenge a man’s vitality at a greater percentage year after year. Taking Anther daily protects these cells from aging and wearing out by fighting off free radicals that attack all cells in a process called oxidation. It is a natural process that energizes the whole body and increases blood flow.

The team of doctors and scientists behind Anther felt that it was time to begin addressing penile wellness rather than only treating penile issues, giving men agency over their full well-being. The younger men start taking Anther, the better.

Plant Nutrition for the Nethers

Formulated with a patented, proprietary combination of natural ingredients and amino acids, Anther helps to rid the body of harmful free radicals, boosting critical antioxidant properties and increasing energy for the long term. Anther’s “Nitric Oxide Booster Complex” increases nitric oxide in smooth muscle cells to not only reduce free radicals but also to stimulate blood flow to the penis, winning the daily battle against cellular atrophy.

Anther is comprised of several plant-based ingredients including:

  • Paullinia Cupana: A natural compound found in a fruit bearing tree in Brazil that has been shown to support erectile function.
  • Muira Puama: A natural compound found in the Amazon that has been shown to enhance the body’s production of nitric oxide. The 1,000-year track record of this wonder plant has earned it the local name, “Potency Wood.”
  • Ginger: The only nutraceutical that has been shown to enhance nitric oxide activity. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger promotes blood flow throughout the body.

The plant-based ingredients are combined with:

  • L-Citrulline: L-citrulline converts in the body to L-arginine, an amino acid that has been shown to have beneficial effects in minimizing smooth muscle fibrosis.

A Different Approach

“It’s time to end the stigma around the penis and the fact that it is only addressed when there is an issue,” said renowned urologist Dr. Ken-ryu Han, MD, FACS. “This is an area of the body that can benefit from a long-term wellness approach before issues ever begin. Anther has shown great results in men ages 30-65, but we recommend that men start addressing penile wellness in their 20’s and 30’s in order to maintain optimal cellular health for their lifetime.”

Anther is a supplement taken as one might take calcium for bone health or CoQ10 for heart health. When taken as recommended, four capsules per day, preclinical studies suggest some men start seeing benefits within 30 days, with maximum results appearing within 90 days.

“We believe in male wellness. Sixty-eight percent of American men are taking supplements1 for the daily health of their heart, immune system and hair follicles, but when it comes to their “intimate health,” it is often overlooked until there is a need for some support. As a Board Certified Cardiologist, I see many patients looking for wellness solutions,” said Dr. Lara Oboler, CEO, MD Concepts. “I formed the company behind Anther to bring doctor-conceived solutions to market and I believe in Anther not only as a missing piece in the wellness market, but also as an important component of a man’s overall health regimen,”

Anther is sold exclusively on A single bottle contains a one month supply and can be purchased for $40 - $60 per bottle, depending on quantity or duration of purchase. Purchases can be one time or up to a year subscription with a risk-free trial and discreet at-home delivery. For more information visit:

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About MD Concepts and Anther

MD Concepts brings science-backed, doctor formulated innovations to the marketplace. Conceived by Dr. Lara Oboler, a Board Certified Cardiologist in New York City, the company works with research-oriented physicians across the fields of urology, obstetric/gynecology, cardiology and orthopedics. It’s newest offering is Anther, a first-of-kind, category-defining patented plant-based daily supplement designed to provide early and long-term penile wellness. Anther is a super-supplement that helps cells win the daily battle against aging by naturally stimulating the production of nitric oxide and warding off toxic free radicals that accumulate and block antioxidant production. Anther delivers optimal cellular health for the lifetime. More information can be found at


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INTRODUCING ANTHER, NUTRITION FOR THE NETHER REGIONS New, Plant-based, Urologist-Formulated Daily Supplement

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