Innominds Launches Its Proprietary Low-code Platform, iSymphony™ for Rapid Enterprise-grade Application Development

iSymphony™ helps ISVs deliver software 10X faster at one-fourth the cost of the traditional approach and without vendor lock-in.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--The software and digital engineering products company, Innominds, has launched its own low-code platform for software development.

With the market release of the platform, called iSymphony™, Innominds joins the fast-growing low-code no-code movement for rapid application development (RAD). iSymphony™ provides a development environment to create application software through a graphical user interface and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.

“In the rapidly evolving digital world with changing customer preferences and the shift to remote work, there is an urgent need to build software at speed. The capability to fail fast and pivot is valuable in such times. A low-code platform like iSymphony™ combined with our integrated devices, apps, analytics and cloud expertise enable businesses to step up the momentum of their digital innovation,” said Divakar Tantravahi, CEO, Innominds. He added the company had invested a considerable part of their R&D and innovation budget on developing iSymphony™.

iSymphony™ is aimed initially at ISVs to enable them accelerate product development and also own the code to customize software for their clients in the education technology, medical technology and D2C sectors. The next version of the platform will be enterprise-centric with specific verticals and use cases in the area of IoT and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

The platform helps the tech c-suite deliver new features quickly to meet changing customer needs, provide enterprise-grade security, reduce operational costs, and eliminate technical debt, and ensure scalability. By automating repetitive tasks, it enables developers to focus on developing features that make an application unique and improve user experience.

“iSymphony™ is well-suited for ISVs with end-clients in highly competitive markets because it powers Digital Next innovation through building and deploying applications really quickly, even within days or weeks, instead of months and years,” Sairam Vedam, CMO, Innominds said.

Innominds clients have been using the low-code platform to power their Digital Next initiatives. According to Basha Mahammad, VP of Engineering, DruvStar, a cybersecurity services company, iSymphony™ enabled them to develop the core components of their SaaS platform 40% faster and at 30% less cost than budgeted.

These speed and cost outcomes are in line with a Forrester Research survey in which 70% of IT leaders found that low-code platforms are more affordable compared to traditional development platforms.

iSymphony™ platform uses open standards and frameworks and can fit into any stage of the SDLC—from implementation, testing, continuous integration to continuous development. It includes platform and language-agnostic code generators and cloud-native and cloud-agnostic accelerators for common use cases across multiple technology stacks.

Developers can quickly build screens and pages for multi-device (web, tablet, mobile) with choice of containers, components, templates from a command palette. The platform can easily connect the application to existing database or create a new database and automatically get the data model or design the enterprise’s own data model. The platform can enable seamless integration of third party REST APIs, SOAP surfaces and WebSocket URLs into the application to access external data.

The launch of iSymphony™ coincides with the growing buzz around low-code, no-code platforms. A confluence of digital disruptions, hyperautomation and the rise of composable business has led to demand of low-code application development, said Gartner, while Forrester predicts that by the end of 2021, 75% of application development will use low-code platforms, up from 44% in 2020.


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Release Summary

Innominds launches its proprietary low-code platform, iSymphony™ for rapid enterprise-grade application development.


Danish Khan | | +91 - 9642067422