Crisp Joins Snowflake Data Marketplace to Integrate Live Retail Data with Cloud Infrastructure

New connector can help CPG brands view near real-time sales and inventory in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, breaking down data silos and preventing food waste

NEW YORK--()--Crisp, the first programmatic commerce platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, has announced a new connector that brings live feeds of retail data into the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud is the latest step Crisp is taking to optimize the food supply chain and reduce waste through open, secure data-sharing.

Crisp is the first CPG-focused SaaS platform to be listed on the Snowflake Data Marketplace, a resource for Snowflake customers to add third-party or SaaS vendor data sources into their data to achieve deeper data insights.

Crisp automatically takes data from retail and distributor portals such as Whole Foods, Amazon, and UNFI, normalizes the data and pipes it directly into easy-to-read dashboards, Excel, and other business intelligence tools to inform business decision-making.

With the new Snowflake connector, CPG brands can monitor sales and inventory across retail sales channels within their existing cloud infrastructure. The Crisp open data platform can also feed data into existing Snowflake accounts, enhancing data accessibility across the CPG enterprise while reducing staff time spent pulling reports, and potential for human error, which can lead to waste.

While CPG brands often have sophisticated enterprise analytic capabilities, supply chain data is typically siloed, leading to hours per day spent manually downloading retail and distributor reports and uploading them into a data platform. Crisp eliminates this cumbersome step, providing brands with near real-time access to retail data that can be combined with other sources (such as CRMs, marketing applications, and syndicated data) via Snowflake’s secure data sharing capabilities for additional insights to optimize operations and reduce waste. Snowflake is a critical part of data evolution for CPG brands as they migrate their infrastructure from on-premise warehouses into the cloud.

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables digital transformation within companies and can impact business operations at every level,” Snowflake Head of Global Retail & CPG Strategy Rosemary Hua said. “We share Crisp’s view that data sharing is at the heart of this digital transformation, and we’re excited to welcome Crisp to Snowflake Data Marketplace to facilitate a new level of data collaboration with CPG companies. As we approach Earth Day, it is important to recognize the key role technology can play in optimizing operations to reduce waste by breaking down data silos and increasing visibility throughout the food supply chain.”

The new integration with Snowflake furthers Crisp’s mission to enhance data collaboration in the retail supply chain, allowing brands to stay ahead of consumer behavior, identify potential supply chain disruptions, track inventory, and more efficiently deploy resources. “By facilitating secure data sharing and access, both Snowflake and Crisp help CPG companies unlock valuable insights and take immediate action, from sales to marketing to production,” explains Crisp CEO Are Traasdahl. “It is an important step toward a programmatic model that enables companies across the supply chain to be more profitable and efficient while reducing waste.”

About Crisp

Crisp leverages the power of the cloud to connect, normalize and analyze retail data sources to provide real-time insights and trends. Food suppliers, retailers, distributors and brokers use Crisp to manage supply more efficiently, reduce waste and skyrocket profitability. Learn more at


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A new Crisp connector brings live feeds of retail data into the Snowflake Data Marketplace to optimize the food supply chain and reduce waste.

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Katie Padilla, (202) 878-8315,