AiDash Releases White Paper Titled ‘Wildfire Mitigation Best Practices for Electric Utilities’


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Wildfires present a unique financial threat to US power utility companies. To ensure that electric utility-led wildfire ignitions are prevented, using accurate, accessible and cost-effective technologies like Satellite Analytics and AI is vital to transform existing wildfire mitigation strategies. Download the white paper now.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--Wildfire mitigation remains a complicated and staggering challenge for electric utilities across the globe. Without exception, utilities are putting significant time, money and resources into discerning wildfire risk and implementing risk mitigation measures. But are they doing it the right way?

Wildfires present a unique financial threat to US power utility companies. To ensure that electric utility-led wildfire ignitions are prevented, it is pertinent to use accurate, accessible and cost-effective technologies that can transform existing wildfire mitigation strategies for the better.

AiDash, a leading satellite analytics company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, today announced the release of their White Paper titled ‘Wildfire Mitigation Best Practices for Electric Utilities’.

This white paper addresses and talks at length about the pressing issue of wildfires being faced by the utility industry today. The paper also focuses on how new technology solutions like satellites and Artificial Intelligence are proving instrumental in revolutionizing wildfire mitigation strategies by delivering actionable insights and results.

“Untrimmed vegetation near power lines can prove lethal. This makes vegetation management vital for wildfire prevention. Satellite analytics combined with Artificial Intelligence can be used for remotely monitoring and survey of T&D lines and vegetation around them. This technology can enable utilities to prevent and detect wildfire ignitions proactively,” said Rahul Saxena, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, AiDash.

AiDash is working with several Fortune 500 utility companies enabling them to tackle their vegetation management problems with a patent-pending satellite-powered product - AiDash Intelligent Vegetation Management System (IVMS). IVMS has enabled utilities reduce O&M costs by 20% and improve reliability by 15%.

For utilities that would like to gain complete control of their Transmission and Distribution Lines, AiDash has a Remote Monitoring & Survey System (RMSS). With the RMSS, utilities have full visibility of vegetation hazards, RoW encroachments, wildfire risks and weather-related damage. It empowers them with the control they need for proactive and preventive operations and maintenance.

The white paper highlights how high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery and SAR data coupled with AI algorithms can be used for vegetation survey data analysis, threat indices, asset health assessments, power diversion/shutoff procedures, microclimate data and more.

DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER NOW to get insights into the best practices of wildfire mitigation that are proving beneficial for electric utilities.

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