From the Women of Anytime Fitness: Statement on the Training Facility in San Antonio for the Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Athletes


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Sandra Gonzalez, Anytime Fitness owner, San Antonio, speaks to the company's offer to level up the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship training facility, March 20, 2021.

MINNEAPOLIS--()--When news broke about the inequitable training facility for athletes competing in the Division I Women’s Basketball Championship, Anytime Fitness decided to take action. We knew that a press release with some generic platitudes might get eyeballs – but we wanted to make a difference for the athletes. Since they can’t leave their bubble, offering them access to our clubs in the San Antonio area wouldn’t work.

So we decided to directly invest in these athletes by offering to build out their San Antonio training facility as quickly as possible and cover all rental costs.

Nearly 24 hours ago, we directly contacted NCAA basketball leaders - on behalf of the thousands of women and men owners of Anytime Fitness clubs - with an immediate offer to equip the training space at the Alamodome. We had lined up our equipment vendors, and were ready to cover the costs to get the full set of equipment in place for the facility. Plus, two women owners of Anytime Fitness clubs in San Antonio were minutes away from the Alamodome with a squat rack, barbell, plates, curl bar, medicine balls, ropes, kettlebells and more to quickly improve the current training facility while we arranged for the larger equipment loans.

We could have delivered this last night. All we needed was a “yes” from the NCAA to get rolling.

We never heard back. But we aren’t finished yet.

This morning, an expanded training space in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center was unveiled for the tournament athletes. It’s a start. But it needs so much more to be on par with the men’s training facility.

We want to make this investment - and we are we reaching out again to the NCAA to make this happen.

We have a track record of backing women: our president is a woman. We have thousands of women club owners and staff worldwide. Our recent Movemeant Foundation partnership, along with the HeartFirst Foundation, has to-date contributed $500,000 worth of support for women in the areas of fitness, wellness and self esteem. The executive team of our parent company, Self Esteem Brands, is majority women-led.

So our offer stands to work with the NCAA and help improve parity for women athletes. We will always seek ways to support women, invest in women, and make a difference as women seek ways to improve their wellness and well-being.

Stacy Anderson – President
Anytime Fitness

We join Anytime Fitness in the support of women in all sports. We were very disappointed and disheartened to hear of the vast disparities in the Men’s and Women’s NCAA basketball tournaments. We want to show our support in our words and in our deeds. We stand at the ready to help provide equipment so that the women’s teams have everything they need during their time here in San Antonio. We sincerely hope that shining the spotlight on these issues and finding solutions is a lesson in equality not only in sports, but in all areas of life.

Kerri Cox
Bethany Martinez
Anytime Fitness franchise owners – San Antonio area
March 20, 2021

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