AirSend’s Latest Upgrade Creates Wide-Open Three-Way Race Among Collaboration Platforms

  • Single, cloud-agnostic platform for your whole team brings together communications, task management, file-sharing and knowledge base
  • Drag-and-drop your favorite channels to create a customized sidebar
  • Switch between three views while managing tasks: List, Table and Kanban

Experience Kanban with AirSend (Photo: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Many modern workforces face a dilemma: wait to see how Slack changes following its acquisition by Salesforce or accept the increasing complexity of Microsoft Teams. Now there’s a viable third option: AirSend, the contextual remote work and communication platform, has released its biggest user experience update yet in its bid to become the open, cross-organizational collaboration tool for all.

AirSend’s inherent strength lies in its contextual approach to work. Users don’t have to juggle individual email folders, separate client Slack channels and independent cloud storage apps. Each AirSend channel has all of those features incorporated in a single dashboard view, one with all the tools needed to chat, hold voice/video calls, track a project’s next steps and organize large files with up to 100 GB free storage.

“The race between Slack and Microsoft hasn’t been good for users. Slack doesn’t integrate well with Microsoft, and Teams has grown too complex to manage multiple clients or projects at once,” said Madhan Kanagavel, Founder and CEO of CodeLathe, the company that created AirSend. “AirSend is a simple and contextual collaboration tool that works with any platform, so both internal and external teams can seamlessly collaborate.”

AirSend’s latest user experience upgrade starts with the sidebar, where users can drag-and-drop to group channels together into customizable sections. By creating collapsible groups, users can keep an eye on the highest priority channels while saving those that need occasional checking for later. The simplified layout reduces any unwanted visual noise on the screen and keeps all communications organized.

Multiple Views Bring Trello-Like Task Management Functionality Into AirSend

AirSend’s task management functionality has been upgraded with multiple views to suit the way your team works best. Anyone can drag-and-drop info to create both tasks and subtasks, but the real power comes from the new visual representation of those task lists.

Whether your team works best with lists, tables or the Kanban view popularized by Trello, the AirSend task list allows you to switch between the views that suit you best. There’s no need to integrate AirSend with a separate task management system—it’s all inside and completely free, designed to supercharge productivity.

Instant File Sharing, Secured with FileCloud’s Advanced Infrastructure

Collaboration isn’t always about what’s happening in the moment. Teams always need to access information that has a longer life: whether that’s onboarding documentation for new colleagues, communication templates or foundational snippets of code.

With AirSend, users can instantly and securely share notes from the built-in wiki. AirSend draws its file-sharing power from its sister product, FileCloud, the enterprise file share and sync solution of choice for more than 3000 enterprise customers and more than 100 resellers across more than 90 countries.

The AirSend file management system creates a custom URL for each note, making it easy to share it as a page rather than a file that needs downloading. Within any single channel, information with a long life can be stored, shared and accessed.

As a geographically distributed, remote-first company, CodeLathe has team members in 14 countries and five continents in addition to its Austin headquarters. AirSend incorporates the ideas and concepts learned from leading an international remote-working team.

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About AirSend

AirSend is a collaboration platform that brings all your conversations, voice/video calls, files, tasks and notes into one contextual workspace to get work done faster and better. AirSend is developed by CodeLathe Inc., a remote-first company. AirSend is for professional firms, teams and SMBs and offers powerful collaboration, communication and work-sharing between team members and clients. The company offers two products, FileCloud—an award-winning enterprise file services platform and AirSend—the world’s first-ever contextual workspace built for remote work, used by millions of customers around the world. For more information, visit


Michael Kellner


Michael Kellner