Luminati Networks Becomes Bright Data with Focus on Web Transparency and Continuous Innovation

New brand reflects global momentum and position as a data collection leader

LONDON--()--Luminati Networks has today announced it is to become Bright Data as it takes the next step in its journey to deliver valuable online data to organisations and further support the data collection industry. Since its foundation in 2014, the company has experienced large-scale growth in its customer base and technological advancements, expanding from a handful of pioneering engineers to a team of over 200 highly skilled employees. The move reflects Bright Data’s ambition to drive further growth through its innovation and coincides with the launch of the Bright Initiative which will deliver numerous social responsibility and educational initiatives.

The story so far

Luminati Networks is recognised as the brand that reinvented the residential proxy domain and became a dominant leader in the industry. It expanded dramatically beyond its market-leading proxy network to launch the most powerful automated data collection solutions in the industry that deliver reliable, mission-critical online data to all. Today, it serves thousands of customers, ranging from small startups to leading enterprises as well as research institutions and universities, NGOs, and non-profit organisations, touching almost every industry and geographical region.

Showing the way to a brighter future

The launch of Bright Data represents the next step in the company’s journey to provide vital data-driven solutions to brands by continuously shedding light on the obscure, delivering complete web transparency. Built on a strong foundation of leading technology and revolutionary ethical practices, Bright Data will further its commitment to the initial mission of making the internet transparent and accessible for all.

Bright Data is leading the data collection industry on multiple fronts and key advancements, which include:

· Smarter solutions pioneering automated online data collection solutions for its ever-growing, ever-evolving proxy network and products – simplifying data collection with a couple of clicks.

· Global expansion continuously expanding into new locations and territories, providing customers with trustworthy support and endless care wherever they are.

· Supporting the data community – establishing the Bright Initiative – a caring home for data-centric initiatives to benefit academia, public sector organisations and society as a whole.

“The online data collection domain has evolved, and so have we. Luminati has come a long way since its inception in 2014 and in the past seven years we have gained vital experience that has helped us build for the future,” commented Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data. “Today we start a new chapter as Bright Data which better reflects our company and our mission. With an ever-expanding depth of experience and industry-leading expertise, we will continue to serve as reliable pioneers, shining a smart tech-led light where it matters most and ensuring a brighter data-driven future for all. We will continue to serve our customers, addressing their current and future data-based requirements from every angle, with innovation and care,” added Lenchner.

Bright Initiative Launches

Central to the company’s mission is the Bright Initiative. This Initiative will allow Bright Data to drive numerous social responsibility and educational initiatives, aid in crisis response situations, lead public sector programs, and power critical research and data for future academic projects.

The Bright Initiative is built on three key pillars: promoting web transparency, fighting social injustice, and encouraging responsible data collection through education and research. The Bright Initiative will partner with like-minded organisations and institutions to tackle the most critical matters facing the industry today to ensure that everyone in it will have a brighter future. The Initiative has already partnered with more than 65 NGOs, NPOs, prominent academic and research institutions offering them access to its extensive data collection network, expertise, and pro-bono support.

Bright Data has a growing list of use/business cases and customer success stories. To learn more about how businesses are using Bright Data, visit its dedicated customer testimonials page.


Keren Pakes

Jacob Greenwood

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Luminati Networks becomes Bright Data


Keren Pakes

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