Amcor Consolidates Corporate Applications With Orange Business Services Hybrid Cloud for Greater Agility and Application Availability

  • Global end-to-end managed solution for business-critical applications in hybrid cloud
  • Workload balancing for increased business efficiencies and agility

Orange Business Services is providing Amcor with a fully managed end-to-end hybrid cloud solution (Photo credit: Orange Business Services)

PARIS--()--Amcor, a leading global packaging company, has further consolidated its corporate applications in a hybrid cloud and remodeled its enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. The hybrid cloud integrates its global data centers and network infrastructure utilizing Orange Business Services’ solutions and expertise to make its overall business more responsive.

As a long-term customer, Amcor had previously deployed Orange Business Services’ hybrid cloud solution, consolidating both its private cloud managed infrastructure and global public cloud services. For the public cloud services, which includes OS and middleware management plus hosting and operating the IT applications, Amcor uses Orange Business Services’ Flexible Engine trusted Public Cloud solution, combined with the new SAP Hana certified cloud solution.

Orange Business Services has now further extended this agreement by providing Amcor with a fully managed end-to-end hybrid cloud solution that includes the operating system, databases, as well as disaster recovery and backup. In addition, Orange upgraded and combined the existing data center environment by integrating some of Amcor’s legacy ERP workloads with an SAP Hana solution and relevant workloads.

Fully managed end-to-end hybrid cloud solution

Central to the consolidation, workloads have been balanced in different data centers to allow both high availability and the business to effectively benefit from operational efficiencies. Workloads have been migrated to private cloud, while SAP workloads are managed on Orange’s SAP HANA certified platform called Flexible Engine for SAP, ensuring business continuity with complete flexibility. It will also provide Amcor with an easy migration path to SAP HANA, the new SAP “in-memory” database.

At the same time, other corporate applications have moved to Flexible Engine. The entire hybrid cloud is now integrated with Amcor’s existing Orange Business VPN network to securely manage growing internet traffic and optimize cost and performance.

“We were looking for a global vendor that could simplify our operations, while ensuring security, performance and 24/7 accessibility to our mission-critical applications and data. Orange Business Services has fulfilled our remit, enabling us to better balance workloads in the cloud, and providing us with an effective solution that offers the flexibility we needed,” explained Joel Ranchin, Vice President, Group IT, Amcor.

“We are pleased to be a part of Amcor’s maturing cloud journey, providing it with the consultancy, expertise and fully managed cloud services that provide them with the peace of mind that they can actively support their business outcomes and growth,” said Fabrice de Windt, senior vice president, Europe, Orange Business Services.

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Elizabeth Mayeri, Orange Business Services,, +1 212 251 2086