Canada's Leading All-In-One HR, Payroll, and Benefits Solution Launches Business Insurance

Business insurance is the latest addition to Humi’s one-stop platform offering integrated HR, payroll, and benefits solutions to its ecosystem with thousands of Canadian businesses.

TORONTO--()--Humi, the Canadian leader for HR, payroll, and benefits software has announced its newest product launch: Humi Business Insurance. Humi’s latest product offering integrates into the platform’s all-in-one ecosystem to offer commercial insurance policies that are more accessible for Canadian businesses.

Business insurance is a requirement for most Canadian businesses. It protects companies against unexpected events such as professional negligence, workplace injuries, product liability and data theft. Humi is the first business insurance provider in the country to simplify commercial insurance by connecting it with the rest of a company’s core system of record.

“Humi’s mission is to make life easier for businesses and their employees, enabled by having trusted advisors who truly understand their business as a result of handling the majority of their key business operations,” said Simon Bourgeois, Co-CEO of Humi. “By making it easier for companies to set up and operate many necessary, but often cumbersome components of their business operations, we aim to enable teams to focus on more strategic initiatives on a day to day basis.”

The launch of Humi Business Insurance means that companies who rely on the Humi platform can now keep track of and manage business insurance policies in the same place they are already managing their critical operational infrastructure. This ultimately allows for better insurance product recommendations, risk management, and education because Humi deeply understands the businesses on its platform.

“Having digital tools to help manage and organize a company's business insurance policy is more important than ever, especially as they’re going remote as a result of COVID-19,” said Bennett McBride, VP of Business Insurance at Humi. “Humi is excited to bring real innovation to an important financial service that we all rely on, and which has seen little change in the last decade.”

Humi Business Insurance is now available in Ontario and will be released to the rest of Canada in the coming weeks.

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Leading Canadian HR, payroll and benefits platform, Humi, has announced its newest product launch: Humi Business Insurance.


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