Lightrun Launches Debugger Optimized for Remotely Troubleshooting On-Premises Software Installations

On-prem software providers can now troubleshoot bugs in zero-network connectivity environments, with minimal hassle or service disruption to their customers

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Lightrun, the continuous debugging company, today announced the release of the first debugging solution specifically designed for software providers who need to provide on-prem customer deployments with real-time troubleshooting.

Despite the explosive growth of SaaS, Synergy Research Group reports that 73 percent of the $450 billion software market still runs on-prem. Software providers who ship software designed to run on-prem in private data centers - often for privacy and security reasons - are typically faced with arduous cycles when troubleshooting these software installations. Because they are not network-connected, troubleshooting requires that solution engineers manage repeated customer phone calls, resulting in a frustrating, drawn-out process of feedback before engineering ultimately arrives to a hotfix solution.

With Lightrun, software providers can get live production data from software that is installed on their customers’ sites, executed from the CLI, eliminating the customer’s need to participate in the exhausting troubleshooting process beyond this.

“Many of the world's most heavily regulated enterprise organizations are still running a majority of their software on-prem. For software providers selling to this market, debugging software in the customers’ environments has always been a messy problem that disrupts the customer and wreaks havoc on developers and support engineers," said Ilan Peleg, co-founder and CEO at Lightrun. "Software companies often face endless iterative cycles of downtime and hotfixes on the customer premises, which significantly harms the customer experience. With Lightrun we have developed the first solution that can be deployed in the most secure on-prem environments - even those with no network connectivity - allowing software providers to troubleshoot their software without requiring customer calls or on-site visits by support engineers. Lightrun's on-prem solution is the fastest possible path to bug discovery and remediation, and greatly reduces the pain felt by any software provider who needs to fix a bug in production at a customer site."

"While Observability was initially designed for cloud-based workloads and services, the processes, tools and methods are increasingly relevant for hybrid and on premises deployments," said James Governor, analyst and co-founder, RedMonk. "Lightrun is now building tools to enable software companies to offer a modern, consistent debugging experience for their on premises customers."

A Real-Time Debugger for On-Prem Solutions

Lightrun offers developers a number of robust features to help them efficiently debug in production while supporting third-party software providers including:

Addition of logs, virtual “breakpoints” and metrics during runtime

  • From the CLI, quickly add a missing log line, instrument a metric, or place a snapshot to be taken on demand in the running app, in the production (or any) environment
  • Analyze code behavior to find bottlenecks and errors without stopping the running process

Robust log and performance management integrations

  • Once the action is added, the data can be printed to the APM of choice
  • Explore and inspect in the same context as the existing logs - right inside the log analysis tool of choice including Datadog, Splunk, Elastic, and many more

Security and stability built-in

  • Enterprise-level security measures include ISO 27001 certification, encryption, RBAC and SSO, audit trails and logs and privacy blocklisting
  • The performance footprint ranges from tens to hundreds of microseconds per invocation. In idle mode, there is no overhead.

Product Availability

Lightrun is available at

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About Lightrun

Lightrun is a Tel Aviv-based startup that is transforming the developer experience, bringing a developer-native observability platform.. The company is the first to bring "shift left" observability, giving developers deeper insights into running applications by allowing them to insert logs, metrics and traces and more during runtime. Boasting the richest set of observability pillar tools for observing applications directly from within the IDE, Lightrun simplifies every aspect of incident resolution. Lightrun is ISO-27001 certified and is proud to have some of the most innovative technology companies in the world as customers, including Taboola, Sisense, Tufin and more.


Holly Halenbeck
Mindshare PR


Holly Halenbeck
Mindshare PR