Gaia Herbs Announces Partnership with German Natural Products Company, SALUS Haus

Leading Natural Herbal Products Brand Becomes Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Salus Herbal and Dietary Supplements

BREVARD, N.C.--()--Gaia Herbs, a leading natural herbal products brand in the United States, has announced its partnership with the esteemed German herbal products company SALUS Haus (Salus). As of March 1, 2021, Gaia Herbs is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Salus brand’s complete line of high-quality herbal products and dietary supplements, which are marketed under the name Floradix®.

Salus, a renowned global company in the natural remedies and food supplements industry, has been producing natural health products for more than 100 years. In that time, this well-respected company has helped to set overall quality standards in the natural healthcare and nutrition industries.

Gaia Herbs’ U.S. distribution will include Salus’ top-selling product, Floradix® Iron + Herbs Liquid, which is also the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in the Natural Channel in the U.S.† The Floradix brand has an esteemed reputation amongst iron supplements for being gentle to digest and easily absorbed versus many other iron supplements that have been reported as being harder to digest and potentially upsetting to the stomach.* Additional products include:

  • Calcium Liquid – A gentle and easily absorbed form of this mineral, which is essential for bone health.* Each serving contains 200 mg of calcium.
  • Calcium & Magnesium Liquid – An easily absorbable form of calcium with magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D to support the development and maintenance of healthy bones.*
  • Epresat® Adult Multivitamin Liquid – This multivitamin provides seven vitamins for health, including vitamins A, B6, D, and E, with an energizing blend of herbs and fruit juices.
  • Floradix® Iron Tablets – A convenient, vegetarian tablet form of the top-selling liquid Floradix® Iron + Herbs formulation, delivering 10 mg of nutritional iron.
  • Floravital® Iron + Herbs Liquid – A yeast-free and gluten-free, vegan alternative to the best-selling Floradix® Iron + Herbs supplement.
  • Gallexier® Herbal Bitters Liquid – A traditional bitter herbal formulation with fruit juice and herbs to support digestion, especially after a rich or heavy meal.*
  • Kinder Love® Gluten-Free Children’s Multivitamin Liquid – This great-tasting formula, made with fruit juices and plant extracts, provides children with calcium and vitamins A, B6, B12, D, and E.*
  • Magnesium Liquid – With 250 mg of easily absorbed magnesium in each delicious serving to support muscle function, healthy bones, and teeth.*
  • Red Beet Crystals – Naturally sweet-tasting and instantly soluble crystals crafted from the juice of freshly harvested organic beets. Each jar contains the equivalent of 15 cups of organic red beets. These crystals are a great addition to smoothies and soups and are also ideal for use in baking.

“Salus has been paving the way in natural remedies for more than 100 years while maintaining their strict commitment to organic cultivation and environmental sustainability. We are honored to partner with Salus as the exclusive U.S. distributor of its herbal and dietary supplements, as we have long admired this company,” said Bill Cave, Interim President of Gaia Herbs. “At Gaia Herbs, our purpose is to connect people, plants, and planet to create healing. Our philosophy is grounded in certain truths that serve as the pillars for everything we do, including the companies we choose to align ourselves with. Salus shares our commitment to environmental protection and positive social impact efforts, and we’re excited to further the work of protecting our planet while providing consumers with high-quality, trusted functional products that support health and wellness through this partnership.”

“We are delighted that Gaia Herbs has become the new U.S. distributor for our herbal products and dietary supplements,” added Dr. Florian Block, Managing Director of Salus. “Gaia Herbs shares our passion for plants, product quality, and sustainability, so we are pleased to partner with them. Since 1916, Salus has been a family-run company dedicated to developing the highest-quality products to support health and wellness. Our company has implemented the highest certified sustainability standards for the environment, society, and all of our employees working in our climate-neutral production sites in Germany. Salus products are currently distributed in more than 60 countries globally, and we look forward to working with Gaia Herbs to expand our U.S. distribution so that our products can help support the health of even more people during these challenging times.”

Floradix® iron products, along with the brand’s other renowned vitamin and mineral supplements, can now be purchased through the brand-new website—as well as through independent health food stores and organic retailers across the country, including Whole Foods and Sprouts, and e-commerce channels such as Amazon, Thrive Market, and more.

About Gaia Herbs

For over 30 years, Gaia Herbs has been connecting people, plants, and planet to create healing. Gaia Herbs is a leading herbal brand in North America committed to creating the highest quality health and wellness products assured for purity, potency, and integrity. The company offers more than 200 herbal products, including liquid extracts, functional powders, gummies, teas, and patented Liquid Phyto-Caps®. From its Certified Organic farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, the company uses regenerative agriculture methods to grow more than three million plants each year and harvests and extracts the herbs at just the right time, when their phytochemicals are at their peak. Gaia Herbs introduced the world’s first herb traceability program,, which allows it to share complete transparency around its herbs and ingredients. The company is proud to be a Certified B Corporation® using business as a force for good™. Through the Gaia Herbs Roots Initiative, the company champions environmental and social sustainability on its farm and around the world. Learn more at and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Gaia Herbs officially began distributing Salus’ products in the U.S. market on March 1, 2021. Floradix® products are now available for purchase at as well as through independent health food stores and organic retailers.

About SALUS Haus

Floradix products are manufactured by SALUS Haus (Salus) in Bruckmühl, Germany. Salus, a renowned global company, has been paving the way in natural remedies for more than 100 years, producing the highest quality health and wellness supplements using traditional herbal wisdom and scientific expertise, while maintaining a strict commitment to organic cultivation and environmental sustainability. Its beloved Floradix® brand already includes the #1 best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in the U.S.†

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Gabriella Verdugo
Rachel Kay Public Relations


Gabriella Verdugo
Rachel Kay Public Relations