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The group’s findings have been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Classical and Quantum Gravity

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NEW YORK--()--Scientists at Applied Physics are excited to announce they have recently constructed the first model of physical warp drives.

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In the organization’s most recent news, the team at Applied Physics is announcing the first model of physical warp drives – something that, until now, has only had a place in science fiction. The group’s study was conducted in close contact with distinguished researchers in warp field mechanics, including receiving blessings from the esteemed Theoretical Physicist Miguel Alcubierre, with findings being published in the peer-reviewed journal, Classical and Quantum Gravity.

“Many people in the field of science are aware of the Alcubierre Drive and believe that warp drives are unphysical because of the need for negative energy,” says Lund University Astrophysicist and Scientist at Applied Physics, Alexey Bobrick. “This, however, is no longer correct; we went in a different direction than NASA and others and our research has shown there are actually several other classes of warp drives in general relativity. In particular, we have formulated new classes of warp drive solutions that do not require negative energy and, thus, become physical.”

“While we still can’t break the speed of light, we don’t need to in order to become an interstellar species,” says Gianni Martire, Scientist at Applied Physics. “Our warp drive research has the potential to unite us all.”

Both Bobrick and Martire are happy to provide further details about their work regarding warp drives to any interested party.

Paper breakdown by Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder: https://youtu.be/8VWLjhJBCp0

Fact Sheet and Media Assets: http://lmbd.co/warp

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