Celebrity Fitness, Nutrition Expert and Best-Selling Author Autumn Calabrese Challenges People to Say No to Resolutions for 2021

New initiative encourages everyone to avoid the annual diet trap with #NoResolutions2021 and take sustainable control

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--After what has been an unprecedented year of quarantine, gym closures and mounting fatigue and stress as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, manifesting for many in “Covid 15” weight gain, fitness and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese is striking back at the annual “resolution” tradition that kicks off the wave of fad diets and fitness gimmicks every January. Autumn’s new initiative #NoResolutions2021 encourages people to join her, in partnership with leading digital health and fitness platform Beachbody On Demand, to take control in 2021.

In the challenge, which kicked off the day after Christmas, Calabrese and Beachbody are encouraging everyone to take a pledge at www.Noresolutionsfor2021.com to NOT set a New Year’s resolution, and instead to take control of their well-being for the long term. For some that will mean being steadfast with whatever fitness and nutrition lifestyle changes they choose to make, and for others it will mean committing to Autumn’s newest fitness program on Beachbody On Demand, 9 Week Control Freak. As of today, Autumn has motivated over 6,000 individuals to sign the “No Resolutions For 2021” Pledge.

“One of the biggest obstacles to achieving long-term weight loss results is the ‘diet mentality,’ which strikes tens of millions of people every New Year’s Day and lasts only a week or two,” said Autumn Calabrese, best-selling author of this year’s Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have A Crazy Life and Beachbody Super Trainer. “The fitness and diet industry feeds off this ritual each year, but it’s just not healthy. That’s why I was so excited that Beachbody accepted my challenge to encourage every person to approach change with real commitment and a sense of purpose this year, and most importantly, to take back control.”

Calabrese has made a career out of helping people get results without deprivation, and preaches the exact opposite of the “New Year’s resolution” mentality. She and Beachbody have dedicated this New Year to fighting the Resolution fairytale by helping people get ahead of the quick fix mentality.

“Our goal is to help everyone take control of their mindset, fitness, nutrition and even their sleep, starting today, and ending never,” Calabrese said. “There will be lapses and struggles, but if you go into a lifestyle change with that expectation, you never have a moment of ‘well there it is, another failed New Year’s Resolution’ because you didn’t expect it to be easy or perfect from day one. You made it a lifestyle which can accommodate real life.”

Calabrese’s commitment doesn’t stop at the pledge website. On her podcast, social media and namesake website Autumncalabrese.com, Autumn is urging her fans to, “Set a series of goals - big ones that will take some time to achieve and small ones that will ladder up to help you reach the overarching one. It’s vital to start now to break the habit of waiting for a trigger date like the first of the year. Today is your trigger date and we need to expect there to be triumphs and setbacks. If you’re truly serious and playing to win a healthy life, you don’t wait.”

#NoResolutions2021 comes on the heels of the launch of Calabrese’s newest program for Beachbody On Demand, 9 Week Control Freak. As the tenth program she has created for Beachbody, 9 Week Control Freak offers a revolutionary and comprehensive approach to taking control of key components that can truly dictate quality of life, such as strength, stamina, nutrition and sleep, and even a tolerance for imperfection. At its core, 9 Week Control Freak acts as more than just a fitness program by giving participants an opportunity to take back control of their life after what has been a chaotic year full of anxiety and uncertainty for many.

“’9 Week Control Freak’ arms participants with the tools to take complete control of the mental and physical aspects of their lives through innovative workouts, proven nutrition, and a proactive approach to rest,” said Calabrese. “We are all yearning for a better New Year, and this program in conjunction with the #NoResolutions2021 pledge gives us the chance to put the craziness of 2020 in the past and kick-off 2021 with a refreshing approach to regain control – just not a superficial one like most resolutions. Beware of the advertisement that says, ‘New Year, New You.’ It’s just not that easy so we wanted to help people stop acting like it is.”

The 9 Week Control Freak program consists of five days of exercise per week around a half hour day, using unique, yet affordable equipment to optimally trigger more muscle growth, burn more calories and reduce excess fat at a healthy pace. Calabrese designed the program with density training to build strength and stamina by amplifying intensity as you move through sets of the same exercise. Then, the strength training complexes shift muscle building into overdrive by increasing time under tension. As a first for Beachbody, Calabrese created the Controlled Stretch series to help participants sleep each night and prepare for the workout the next day. These short nighttime routines help clear the mind, relax muscles and promote a good night’s sleep to make this comprehensive in-home health and wellness program a real innovation.

To learn more and take Autumn’s #NoResolutions2021 pledge, visit www.NoResolutionsfor2021.com.

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About Autumn Calabrese

Beachbody® Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese is the creator of the breakthrough fitness programs 9 Week Control Freak®, 21 Day Fix®, 80 Day Obsession®, and others, and the portion-control weight-loss system Ultimate Portion Fix®, which has helped millions of people gain control of their food. She’s also the author of the bestselling FIXATE® cookbooks and her latest Lose Weight Like Crazy, Even If You Have a Crazy Life!, and she’s the host of the FIXATE healthy cooking show with her brother, Bobby Calabrese, on Beachbody On Demand®. Autumn is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has held certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as well as the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA).