Data Science Training Provider Metis Expands Live, Online Bootcamp Experiences and Immersive Course Offerings

NEW YORK--()--Metis, a leading provider of data science and analytics skills training for individuals and businesses, is announcing the addition of several new live, online bootcamps and short immersive courses that will make its programs more varied and affordable, as well as offer more focused paths. Metis’s long-standing Data Science Bootcamp has been modified, and the company is now offering four new live, online programs with areas of specialization. Accepted students will learn from and receive mentorship from industry-seasoned data scientists and collaborate with like-minded peers who have met Metis’s rigorous admissions standards. The new bootcamps include:

  1. A six-week Data Analytics Bootcamp
  2. A 10-week Data Science Bootcamp
  3. A 10-week Data Science and Engineering Bootcamp
  4. A 14-week Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

As part of its commitment to foster a diverse data science community, members of underrepresented demographic groups may be eligible to receive a $2,000-$3,000 scholarship toward their bootcamp tuition.

Career support has always been a central component of the bootcamp experience, with services provided until alumni are hired, but Metis will now be adding a dedicated Career Week, included in tuition, to take place immediately after bootcamps conclude. This week will be laser focused on helping graduates get hired through a series of workshops, speaker presentations, and mock interviews.

Metis is also launching seven live, online Short Immersive Courses for students who want to gain in-demand data science and analytics skills in just two weeks. Unlike the bootcamps, there is open enrollment, with no admissions process. Students will learn from elite instructors in this unique, full-time format, while applying what they’ve been taught to a final project that can be added to a professional portfolio. These courses will also provide an opportunity to see what the bootcamp experience is like:

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  2. Business Fundamentals for Data Practitioners
  3. Linear Regression and Web Scraping
  4. Machine Learning Classification
  5. Natural Language Processing and Unsupervised Learning
  6. Introduction to Data Engineering
  7. Deep Learning Fundamentals

“We are incredibly excited about our new programs. We’ve fundamentally evolved our offerings to help ensure that we can provide our future students with the skills they need in data science and analytics to reach their career goals. Our new offerings are more specialized, which makes our curricula and content more relevant for students depending on their individual needs,” said Jason Moss, president and founder, Metis. “Since the pandemic accelerated our plans to move to an online-only model, we’ve been impressed at how warmly students have embraced the changes and we look forward to sharing more in the months ahead as our vision for the future of Metis and our students progresses.”

Applications are now open to enroll in the next live, online bootcamps that begin in March 2021. For more information and to apply, visit To enroll in one of Metis’s immersive courses, which also begin in March, visit

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Russell Schaffer,, 917.822.8190
Twitter: @thisismetis, Instagram: @thisismetis

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Metis announces the addition of new live, online data science bootcamps and short immersive courses to make its programs more varied and affordable.

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Russell Schaffer,, 917.822.8190
Twitter: @thisismetis, Instagram: @thisismetis