RapidAPI Expands Its Enterprise Hub Platform With New Enterprise Management Capabilities

New Platform API, enhanced governance, and advanced customization features enable organizations to move to a next-generation API infrastructure

SAN FRANCISCO--()--RapidAPI today announced new enterprise management capabilities for RapidAPI Enterprise Hub, a next generation, white-labeled marketplace that enables developers and enterprises to find, connect to, and manage thousands of APIs. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is a key component of a modern enterprise API infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with existing API gateways and management systems and enabling organizations to manage hundreds to thousands of APIs as well as multiple API types including SOAP, REST, and GraphQL. The latest update to RapidAPI Enterprise Hub includes a raft of enterprise management capabilities that enable organizations to integrate easily with their existing API environment, create enhanced governance and security policies, and customize and brand their white-labeled marketplaces to align with their business objectives.

“As APIs become the essential tools for building software, enterprises have felt the urgency to evolve beyond their current API infrastructure,” said Iddo Gino, RapidAPI Founder and CEO. “RapidAPI Hub is built for the next-generation of APIs with a centralized platform that scales to support API growth while providing an abstraction layer that unifies an API development environment that often includes multiple API gateways, multi-cloud environments, and a diverse collection of developer tooling. The latest advanced API management capabilities provide the integration, governance, and security features needed to transition to a more efficient software development process that will enable companies to compete and survive in an environment of increasingly accelerating digital transformation and disruption.”

RapidAPI’s Enterprise Hub can be deployed internally as a centralized hub for internal collaboration among API providers and consumers. Additionally, companies can use RapidAPI Enterprise Hub to develop branded, external marketplaces that enable customers and partners to also find and connect to their APIs. With the additional integrations, governance, customization and security capabilities now available, companies can accelerate innovation and bring software to market even faster and more efficiently.

New Platform and Event APIs Enable Integration Across the API Infrastructure

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub’s integration capabilities enable organizations to create an abstraction layer across their entire API environment to integrate to and expose APIs from multiple different API gateways and work seamlessly with existing development tooling. With the Platform and Event APIs, enterprises can build event-driven integrations that can trigger custom business logic. Using these integrations, enterprises can connect actions on RapidAPI Enterprise Hub to third-party gateways, CI/CD tools, management systems, analytics, or applications.

For example, you can use the Platform API to centralize observability by syncing analytics from multiple gateways, with the ability to drill down to the API level. Or a discussion on RapidAPI’s Hub can trigger the Event API to send a message into a helpdesk system such as Zendesk. Then, the Platform API would be used to communicate a response back to RapidAPI’s Hub. By leveraging these integrations within RapidAPI Hub, the possibilities for integrating your API environment across your entire development pipeline are endless.

Enhanced Governance Enables Fine-Grained Access Control and Management over API Usage

New comprehensive governance, security, and management capabilities such as role-based access control (RBAC) and federated identity provide enhanced visibility and control over who publishes and consumes your APIs. With RapidAPI Hub, you can manage workflows and approvals, enforce OWASP authentication best practices, and manage API versioning.

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC): Secure APIs and enforce access and usage policies by assigning permissions. Organizations can use this capability to create different roles for team members with varying permission levels. Additionally, they can manage permissions at the role, team, and environment level to restrict which users and organizations can view, edit, and publish APIs and applications as well as manage team memberships.
  • Enhanced Security: Enforce OWASP authentication best practices including two-factor authentication (2FA), hardened password requirements, and lockout after multiple incorrect login attempts.
  • Workflows/Approvals: Enable organization administrators to easily review and approve or deny requests for API access, RapidAPI Hub access, and API publishing with approval workflows.
  • IdP Integration - Integrate to any 3rd-party identity provider to support authentication with any identity layer including OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML.
  • API Versioning - Increase efficiency for API providers and consumers to update APIs with improvements. With API versioning, you can simplify discovery and upgrades for API consumers by publishing updates as new versions within an existing API in the Hub dashboard and enabling developers to switch between versions from the Hub UI. Additionally, you can enhance visibility and control for API providers by managing multiple API versions from a single interface, with the ability to analyze usage at the aggregate and API level.

Customization Features Enable Enterprises to Create a Branded Experience

With RapidAPI Enterprise Hub, you can customize your white-labeled marketplace to reflect your brand identity and extend the RapidAPI Hub to meet specific business needs, whether it is for internal API consumption or for extending your APIs to partners and customers.

  • Theming: Customize your white-labeled marketplace to reflect your brand identity with a simple UI for theming updates (no coding required).
  • Custom Extensions: Extend Enterprise Hub with new tabs and custom developed applications enabling enterprises to highlight APIs and services in the Hub UI.


The new features and functionality are available with RapidAPI Enterprise Hub.

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RapidAPI, the world's largest API Marketplace, is used by millions of developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs - all with a single account, API key, and SDK. For enterprise organizations, RapidAPI offers RapidAPI Enterprise Hub, a white-labeled version of the marketplace that enables the company’s developers, customers, and partners to find, manage, and connect to hundreds of internal APIs, as well as external API subscriptions.


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Release Summary

RapidAPI adds enhanced governance, new integration APIs, and customization capabilities to RapidAPI Enterprise Hub, a white-labeled marketplace.


Suzanne Panoplos