Charitable Giving Tips That Support Social Distancing National Philanthropic Trust Offers Five Giving Season 2020 No-Contact Tips Anyone Can Do Now

Plus, keys to maximizing every donation: “Philanthropy has never been more important.”

JENKINTOWN, Pa.--()--In anticipation of Giving Season 2020 and #GivingTuesday (Dec 1) the philanthropy experts at National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), one of the leading grantmaking organizations in the U.S., share easy tips to giving back when it’s more challenging to connect in-person.

“2020 has been an unprecedented time in philanthropy,” said Eileen Heisman, CEO of National Philanthropic Trust and #GivingTuesday Ambassador. “Fundraising events have been cancelled, charitable needs have shifted and many nonprofits have seen increased demand. Charitable giving has never been more important and all nonprofits are grateful to donors who give what they can during Giving Season.”

Five Charitable Giving Tips in a Time of Social Distance

“Your circle of influence online and in person is important to charities, whether you have 50 or 5,000 followers,” continued Heisman. “Your virtual voice holds power for the organizations you see making an impact in your community and around the country. Giving Season is an opportunity to leverage your social media influence.”

For Giving Season 2020, NPT offers the following charitable giving tips that support social distancing:

  • Share: Help others find and trust the charities that mean the most to you. Share the charity’s story on your social pages. At least three posts is ideal.
  • Review: Leave positive, detailed reviews for the charities that mean most to you on social media and search engines like Google. Be specific about why you feel the charity deserves five stars.
  • Speak: Use Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and Twitter Fleets to speak from your heart directly to followers about your experience with a nonprofit. Talk about why the charity’s mission is important to you, or the emotional moment you had with a recipient of your favorite charity’s work.
  • Shop: While financial donations are critical to the missions of the 1.5 million U.S. charities, many organizations have ‘wish lists.’ The lists can be found on Amazon, Ebay, Staples and many other retail platforms as well as a nonprofits’ own website. Add a few items while you are shopping this season. Avoid donating unsolicited items – it’s costly for charities to move and store non-necessities.
  • Donate: Your favorite charities always need cash to further their mission. To avoid scammers and ensure the maximum amount goes to a charity, donate online or directly via the charity’s website. Set a budget for yourself and give more to a smaller number of charities for the most impact.

Maximize Financial Donations

“To operate effectively during these challenging times, nonprofits need direct financial support. If you can, cash donations are critical to furthering a charity’s mission,” said Heisman. “Every dollar counts. Don’t wait to be asked. Be proactive about your philanthropy. It may be the most fulfilling thing you’ll do this holiday.”

Whether you can donate $30 or $300 this Giving Season, it’s possible to give with strategy and passion to maximize every dollar and support what means most. For 2020, the CARES Act offers donors a $300 tax deduction too (keep your receipts). NPT’s keys to maximizing every donation include: creating a charitable vision, doing some research, reviewing a charity’s mission, and committing to give to the charity for at least three years.

National Philanthropic Trust also has important tips to avoid scammers when donating online and things to consider prior to volunteering in-person now or throughout 2021 available upon request.

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