Eureka Resources Receives a Patent for Its Unique Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment Process and Its Lithium-Extraction Process Capable of Supplying Up To 25% of U.S. Demand

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa.--()--Eureka Resources, LLC has received a new patent for processes that:

  • Analyze the chemical characteristics of oil and gas wastewater of disparate compositions,
  • Sort and direct the wastewater through appropriate treatment protocols, and
  • Extract lithium, other valuable minerals and fresh water from it.

The company estimates that lithium extracted through its processes could supply approximately 25 percent of the country’s annual demand, or the equivalent of the U.S. Department of Defense’s annual consumption, solely from the wastewater of Marcellus-region oil and gas producers.

“Eureka is the only company that offers ecologically sound water-disposal services to oil and gas producers, allowing them to avoid the wasteful and potentially harmful injection of wastewater into oil and gas injection wells,” said Daniel Ertel, Eureka’s chief executive officer. “In addition, we’ve relied for too long on other countries’ often unreliable supply chains for many products and materials necessary for U.S. security, productivity and economic growth. Eureka is committed to helping the country improve and strengthen domestic sources of critical minerals by extracting them from oil and gas wastewater.”

Eureka currently extracts lithium, calcium chloride, salt, oil and methanol from wastewater produced in the Marcellus Shale region. Over the next several years, the company expects to expand into other producing regions within the Marcellus basin, and to the Permian, Bakken, Haynesville and Barnett shale basins by 2023.

In addition to producing beneficial minerals and providing an ecologically friendly solution to oil and gas wastewater, Eureka’s fresh water co-product can be used to recharge impaired aquifers, creeks, rivers and lakes. The company has been returning water to the hydrological cycle in Pennsylvania for more than twelve years under the oversight of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

This is the company’s fourth patent for its groundbreaking approach to cleansing and recycling wastewater from oil and gas operations.

About Eureka Resources, LLC

Headquartered in Williamsport, Pa., Eureka Resources uses innovative technologies to reclaim water – the world’s most valuable resource – by isolating and removing hundreds of types of particles from wastewater. The resulting water and beneficial minerals are so pure they meet or exceed regulatory requirements. The company has three wastewater treatment facilities, which are geographically positioned for easy access by Marcellus Shale oil and gas producers and their transportation partners. For further information, visit


Cindy Tallman

Release Summary

Eureka Resources has received a patent for processes that extract lithium, other valuable minerals and pure water from oil and gas industry wastewater


Cindy Tallman