Phone2Action Acquires GovPredict to Provide the Most Comprehensive Solution for Government Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy Teams

New Phone2Action Offering Will Include Powerful Collaborative Platform for Advocacy, Stakeholder Management, Legislative & Regulatory Tracking and Donor Research

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ARLINGTON, Va.--()--Phone2Action, the leading digital advocacy and civic engagement platform, has acquired GovPredict, a hyper-growth, Y-Combinator-backed technology company that provides legislative, regulatory and issue monitoring, as well as campaign finance intelligence. Emil Pitkin, CEO of GovPredict, will join the Phone2Action management team.

This combination of industry leading solutions places Phone2Action at the helm of the fast-paced and rapidly growing market for civic and government affairs software. Phone2Action, the world’s leading provider of grassroots advocacy software, contributing nearly 25% of all advocacy messages to Congress, will now become a category-defining solution where public affairs and government relations professionals can collaborate on projects, gain insight into key bills and policies, galvanize people to act and influence public policy.

The suite of products provides more than 1,000 combined clients, including Expedia, eBay, Walmart, National Restaurant Association, Biotechnology Innovation Organization, and the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement—and the entire government relations and public affairs field—access to best-in-category technology within a single platform.

“Phone2Action, in combination with GovPredict, now offers an advanced suite of solutions to enable government relations and public affairs professionals to track and influence the policies that impact their work,” said Jeb Ory, CEO, Phone2Action. “I look forward to working with Emil and our expanded team to continue to lead the market and solve problems for our clients.”

Specifically, the new combined solution will enable users to:

● Know—and report—when legislation and regulation are moving at any level of government, including federal, state and local

● Record, map, and track every meeting, relationship and touchpoint, and connect with the key stakeholders on any issue

● Engage grassroots supporters using text messaging, email or social media

● Mobilize these supporters to email, Tweet and call members of Congress and other decision-makers to advocate for or against policy, as well as register to vote

● Identify which advocates and stakeholders are most likely to engage on an issue based on their actions or campaign donation history

“Technology has forever changed not only how citizens interact with their government, but how the government affairs profession operates,” Pitkin said. “By combining our own innovative technology with Phone2Action, we are providing customers with a platform to coordinate their legislative, regulatory, stakeholder and advocacy work, and giving them insight into the progress of their public affairs campaigns.”

Phone2Action was launched by Jeb Ory and Ximena Hartsock in 2013 to give organizations the tools they need to run effective, innovative advocacy campaigns that drive policymaking in America. In 2019, Frontier Growth, a Charlotte-based growth equity firm, made a strategic investment in Phone2Action. Today, more than 52,000 people take action on Phone2Action-powered campaigns every day. In addition, 2020 has seen an incredible spike in advocacy, with more than 20 million Americans using Phone2Action software already this year to participate in the civic process.

“Phone2Action and GovPredict share a common vision of civic participation and need for our leaders to be accessible, making this new venture a cultural—as well as a technological—fit,” said Ximena Hartsock, co-founder, Phone2Action. “GovPredict’s innovative machine learning technology for legislative, regulatory and campaign insight is at the forefront of the field. Together, our technology can help strengthen the backbone of our democracy.”

About Phone2Action

Phone2Action is a comprehensive digital engagement and communications platform for grassroots advocacy, public affairs and government relations. Phone2Action's innovative, user-friendly products make government participation accessible in the digital age. The world’s leading nonprofits, associations and companies have used Phone2Action to build their advocacy programs and support their public policy goals since 2013. The Phone2Action platform includes solutions for grassroots advocacy, GOTV, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement. For more information, please visit:

About GovPredict

GovPredict is an enterprise software platform for government affairs teams. Launched in 2015, it has allowed Fortune 500 clients, major trade associations, and nonprofits to track and report on legislation, regulations and policy issues; coordinate advocacy campaigns; and raise political and PAC donations.


Jennefer Traeger
Traeger Communications

Release Summary

Phone2Action acquires GovPredict to create a platform for Advocacy, Stakeholder Management, Legislative & Regulatory Tracking and Donor Research


Jennefer Traeger
Traeger Communications