MajorClarity, Inc. Partners with the National Technical Honor Society, and Others, to Launch Career Readiness Micro-Credentials

RICHMOND, Va.--()--MajorClarity, a career and college exploration and academic planning software program, announced today a groundbreaking new partnership with National Technical Honor Society to achieve two primary goals: (1) provide the opportunity for all 75,000+ active National Technical Honor Society student members to add on access to MajorClarity’s one-of-a-kind platform, and (2) co-develop a Soft Skills and General Employability Skills micro-credential sponsored by the National Technical Honor Society that will be available to students exclusively through MajorClarity’s online platform.

Together, MajorClarity, Inc. and the National Technical Honor Society reach over 6,000 schools nationwide.

“At NTHS, our mission is to do everything we can to celebrate the development of skill and empower CTE students in their pursuit of a career they love. As we continue to expand offerings to our members, such as resources to explore career pathways, develop their employability skills, find educational opportunities and to connect with employers, MajorClarity was a natural fit. MajorClarity has developed a valuable platform that will not only help move our mission forward, but the careers of our members as well. We are also proud to partner with MajorClarity in developing the NTHS Employability Skills Micro-Credential. We know that the leaders of tomorrow’s workforce will not only need refined technical skills, but equally important employability skills. MajorClarity shares our passion in developing tomorrow’s workforce by empowering today’s students with the practical resources they need to become the well-rounded craftsperson they want to be.”

– NTHS Executive Director, Peyton Holland

The NTHS partnership is part of a broader initiative already underway within MajorClarity to launch competency-based Career Readiness micro-credentials with industry leading employers, postsecondary education institutions, and educational associations.

“MajorClarity’s expertise lies in building proprietary and unique content that engages students in career exploration in ways no other academic planning solutions offer. While our initial content focused on exploratory interactions, we always knew an essential next step would be to add competency and skills-based content within our pathways. Partnering with leading employers and higher education institutions is helping us ensure the value and alignment of these micro-credentials in helping students take meaningful steps towards successful post-secondary and career outcomes while in high school.”

– MajorClarity’s Founder and CEO, Joe Belsterling

The initial launch of micro-credentials will include four unique offerings:

  • Software Programming and Cybersecurity both built in partnership with Kingsland University
  • HVAC built in partnership with TRANE Technologies
  • Soft Skills and General Employability Skills built in partnership with National Technical Honor Society.

MajorClarity, Inc. is also already underway in forming a joint-venture partnership with Tidewater Medical Training in order to offer students both micro-credentials and postsecondary opportunities within Medical Services and Nursing.

“Both Medical Services and Nursing are two of the most popular pathways for students, and both pathways offer strong career opportunities to students who do not wish to pursue a 4-year education. We are excited to form this partnership to continue working towards offering schools and students meaningful opportunities that help ensure that every student’s education leads to a successful career outcome.”

– Lauren Conroy, MajorClarity COO

About MajorClarity, Inc.

MajorClarity Inc., is an educational software company providing career and college exploration and academic-planning services to nearly 2,000 schools nationwide. MajorClarity seeks to unify career exploration with academic planning for both students and administrators. The company offers the only academic-planning platform with interactive career simulations (“test drives”) plus professional video content. Learn more at!

About National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is an educational non-profit that exists to honor, recognize, and empower students and teachers in Career & Technical Education. As the honor society for Career & Technical Education, NTHS serves over 100,000 active members annually in both secondary and postsecondary chapter across country. Since its founding in 1984, nearly 1 million students have become NTHS alumni. NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides close to $300,000 in scholarships annually, and strives to help connect education and industry to build a highly skilled workforce.


Scott Washington
Phone: 1-804-234-3254


Scott Washington
Phone: 1-804-234-3254