Innovative Technology Solutions and eCare21 Begin Business Relationship That Benefits Patients, Doctors

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.--()--Two healthcare technology leaders, Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) and eCare21, have announced they are establishing a partnership for at least the next three years. ITS will provide the service desk for eCare21 staff and clients to ensure they receive the best possible support using the eCare21 applications and devices.

“Our eCare Virtual Care solution is quickly being recognized as vital for patient care and essential for their doctors,” said Pete Stevenson, COO of eCare21, which is headquartered in Tampa, FL. “Our partnership with ITS helps us serve both patients and physicians. The ITS service desk is scalable and reliable, and brings strategic focus, experience and the necessary processes and tools to enable our growth."

Founded in 2014, eCare21 has grown into one of the nation’s leading virtual care management companies. eCare21’s proprietary software enables physicians to use off-the-shelf healthcare monitoring devices to keep tabs on their patients between office visits and conduct follow up on patient compliance with discharge plans that lead to improved outcomes. The eCare21 disease management platform helps doctors proactively engage in preventative care for patients with chronic conditions which require ongoing monitoring such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and asthma. eCare21 technology enables secure, HIPAA-compliant sharing of patient data with a user-friendly interface that allows communication between the patient/caregiver and clinician.

“eCare21’s innovative solution helps improve patient wellness and reduce readmissions, thus improving outcomes and reducing costs,” said Jesse Alexander, President of Innovative Technology Solutions. “ITS solutions will help eCare21 to grow their business while ensuring their clients can be productive in their use of the eCare21 application and devices. We’re proud to be included as part of the eCare21 team.”

ITS has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. The company also has significant clients in hospitality and travel, manufacturing, distribution, financial services and utilities. ITS provides end-to-end IT managed services, delighting clients with their IT I&O execution so that they can focus on strategic incentives. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, ITS has offices in Peoria, New Jersey, Florida, Mexico and the United Kingdom as well as on-site teams distributed across the United States.

About Innovative Technology Solutions

Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) is a leading provider of managed IT services that enhance enterprise IT through scalable solutions in device management, service desk, network monitoring and more. With a focus on end user satisfaction, ITS delivers increased employee productivity, optimized system performance and strategic value through measurable infrastructure ROI. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL with regional offices throughout the U.S. and globally, ITS has been a trusted partner to companies across key industries for over 20 years. To learn more, visit

About eCARE21

eCARE21 is a patient-centric Virtual Care Platform that combines Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management into a unified SaaS solution for post-acute care for seniors. eCARE21 is the first end-to-end solution for Virtual Care that creates a seamless workflow for delivering healthcare in the home to improve patient outcomes. eCARE21 translates the remote patient encounters into billable events and generates a clean, compliant bill aligned with CMS policy. The eCARE21 mobile apps have been recognized as one of the best Apps for caregiving three years in row. To learn more, visit


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Release Summary

Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) and eCare21 have announced they are establishing a partnership for at least the next three years.


Bethany Turner, 662-417-9755,