CrowdStrike Extends Zero Trust to Endpoint Devices to Provide a Holistic Cybersecurity Approach for Organizations

CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA delivers real-time security and compliance checks for endpoints to provide secure access, reduce risk and fortify defenses of organizations

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--CrowdStrike Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, today announced the availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA), which delivers continuous real-time security posture assessments across all endpoints in an organization regardless of the location, network or user. CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA enables enforcement of conditional access based on device health and compliance checks to mitigate risks.

Zero Trust security is fundamental for successful endpoint protection, using an identity and data-centric approach rooted in securing data, people, devices, workloads and networks. However, most current Zero Trust solutions verify user authentication for network access and don’t take into account the security health of the device associated with that user. This gap leaves organizations vulnerable to employees accessing corporate networks from compromised endpoints.

CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA delivers real-time security posture assessments across all endpoints regardless of location, network, and user. Falcon ZTA enables enforcement of dynamic conditional access based on device health and compliance checks that mitigate the risk to users and the organization. Every endpoint is granted least privileged access and is assessed before gaining access to sensitive data and corporate assets – ensuring Zero Trust enforcement across all endpoints. By expanding Zero Trust beyond authentication and including device security, CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA helps organizations maintain a holistic cybersecurity approach that protects their data and users from the sophisticated tactics of cyber adversaries.

With the recently announced acquisition of Preempt Security, CrowdStrike has advanced its Zero Trust capabilities to achieve end-to-end, real-time visibility and granular enforcement with advanced conditional access technology for real-time access control and threat prevention. The new capabilities will help unify identity- and workload-centric conditional access capabilities with the CrowdStrike Falcon protection suite to help secure users, workloads, and data, regardless of location and network and without modification to existing legacy infrastructure and operating systems.

There is a massive blind spot in many of today’s Zero Trust security technologies that only focus on user authentication and do not take into account device health. Endpoint security is one of the foundational building blocks of Zero Trust,” said Amol Kulkarni, chief product officer at CrowdStrike. “With CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA we are providing the missing link to implement Zero Trust security, leveraging the power of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform to deliver complete protection through verified access control to business data and applications. Additionally, with the acquisition of Preempt Security, CrowdStrike has combined industry-leading workload security with identity protection to seamlessly deliver end-to-end Zero Trust conditional access for our customers.”

CrowdStrike has partnered with identity provider Okta, as well as cloud security vendors like Akamai, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Okta, Netskope and Zscaler, to ensure that endpoint posture assessment from CrowdStrike is leveraged on a continuous basis to deliver robust user access and authentication policies. Through these technology alliances, customers can strengthen conditional access based on risk profiles to stop threats in real time.

Partner quotes

Tim Knudsen, vice president, Enterprise Product Management, Akamai Technologies: “Work from home has amplified the realization that workers and devices will be in hostile environments, and there is a substantially raised risk of compromise. This requires a highly restrictive, and multi-layered access strategy leveraging identity and device posture as core pillars to protect organizations and their critical apps. Through Akamai’s partnership with CrowdStrike, our mutual customers can leverage our seamless integration of CrowdStrike's Falcon ZTA as a signal in our Enterprise Application Access policy to make application access control decisions based on CrowdStrike’s unique visibility into device trustworthiness, increasing application and data security.”

Alex Dyner, senior vice president, Special Projects at Cloudflare: “The only way to secure today’s work-from-anywhere economy is to secure each employee, protecting their individual devices, networks, and access to business-critical applications. We are excited to partner with CrowdStrike to ensure that only healthy and managed devices get access to the most business-critical applications protected by Cloudflare.”

Sunil Potti, general manager and vice president, Cloud Security at Google Cloud: “Device posture has always been a key part of making informed access decisions in Google’s BeyondCorp model. We are excited to work with CrowdStrike to incorporate real-time endpoint device security and compliance information into Google Cloud’s BeyondCorp solution. With the seamless integration of CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA, organizations will be able to reduce risk and fortify their defenses to block untrusted endpoints from accessing applications and resources in the cloud or on-premises.”

Sri Subramanian, senior director of Product Management, Netskope: "As the network perimeter has dissolved, organizations have had to modernize their network architectures to provide scalable, direct, and secure access to business applications. Netskope takes a data-centric approach to cloud security, applying contextual understanding of the cloud and threat activity to apply effective security controls. Through the integration with CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA, we are extending our value to customers by providing Zero Trust conditional access for endpoints, granting privileged access to applications in the data center or public cloud based on user identity and endpoint security posture.”

Maureen Little, vice president, Technology Partnerships, Okta: “The need to secure a modern perimeter in today’s complex threat landscape dominated by increasingly sophisticated attacks and threat actors, has never been greater. Organizations can’t leave anything to chance when it comes to securing their data. By partnering with CrowdStrike we are able to provide our customers a complete Zero Trust solution that moves beyond authentication to verify the state and compliance of the multitude of devices accessing sensitive data from customer corporate networks, further hardening their security stance.”

Punit Minocha, executive vice president, Business and Corporate Development at Zscaler: “In this new work-from-anywhere reality, the security perimeter has extended from the network, out to the user, the app and of course to the device they are working on. This has led to an increased focus on Zero Trust for our customers. We’re excited about this integration between our Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) service and CrowdStrike’s Falcon ZTA - the ability to further assess the device health and then automatically update ZPA policies as needed - and what it means for the customers who place their trust in us."

Features and Capabilities:

  • Continuous Zero Trust Checks: Automatic ongoing Zero Trust assessments of all managed devices running Windows OS.
  • Security Posture Visibility: Access to the CrowdStrike Falcon management console to review the organization's endpoint posture scores with regards to Zero Trust and drill down to view individual hosts scores.
  • Zero Trust Ecosystem: Convergence of users and endpoint risk assessment through seamless integration with Zero Trust partners, including industry leaders like Akamai, Cloudflare, Google Cloud, Okta,, Netskope and Zscaler to enhance security posture and prohibit access from untrusted hosts.
  • API Workflows: API calls available to determine the Falcon ZTA stats for each of the Falcon managed endpoints that can be integrated with existing customer workflows.

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