Lunchbox and Beam Impact Partner to Let Restaurant Guests Support Social Causes by Ordering From their Favorite Restaurants

The integration lets restaurants automatically donate a portion of food order dollars to worthy charities and causes

NEW YORK--()--Lunchbox, the next-gen online ordering engine for restaurants, today announces its partnership with Beam Impact, the fast-growing social impact technology company that partners with mission-driven brands to let customers make part of their spending go to nonprofits they choose at no cost, to offer restaurants the opportunity to increase social responsibility by easily facilitating nonprofit donations from guest orders. Restaurants using the Lunchbox platform can now partner with Beam to support a curated group of nonprofits that reflect their mission and values. The partnership improves the connection between a mission-driven brand and its customers, allowing customers to make a direct impact with their purchases.

Once a restaurant opts-in to utilize the Beam integration through the Lunchbox platform, they can choose nonprofits to support, with the help of Beam ensuring the nonprofits reflect their mission and business practices. nonprofits. Within checkout, customers can choose one of the nonprofits, and the brand donates ~1% of their purchase to the nonprofit. Customers can track the tangible impact of each donation, both individually and with the entire restaurant community, too. For example, customers can see they are 80% of the way to funding the purchase and protection of 50 acres of the Amazon rainforest.

“We created Beam to give people a way to turn their everyday spending into a force for social good, and help improve the connection between a mission-driven brand’s mission and the causes customers care about. We’re thrilled to partner with Lunchbox as we help restaurants strengthen brand community and build loyalty around what they stand for.” says Viveka Hulyalkar, Co-founder and CEO of Beam.

Lunchbox decided to partner with Beam to bolster its digital commerce capabilities for restaurants. Restaurant loyalty programs have been a top driver of repeat business and adding a Social Good component can incentivize more consumers to increase patronage to businesses using Beam through Lunchbox. This partnership comes at a time when more Millennial and Gen-Z consumers favor brands with a strong message of corporate social responsibility.

“What Viveka and Beam are doing is admirable and much needed during the current climate. Consumers are more concerned with making a positive impact, and having Beam be integrated into Lunchbox helps restaurants empower their guests positively and increases their loyalty,” says Nabeel Alamgir, CEO and Co-founder of Lunchbox.

The partnership with Beam is Lunchbox’s latest push to expand its platform’s capabilities for helping restaurants improve guests’ experience and increase sales while giving them more ownership of their digital initiatives. The company recently partnered with Ordermark to integrate their online ordering management platform into the Lunchbox ecosystem to provide restaurants with more opportunities to grow and retain revenue.

Beam also supports Lunchbox’s company initiative in supporting worthy causes during the pandemic. Earlier this year, Lunchbox partnered with Eniac to create Help Main Street!, a platform that allows consumers to order online, buy gift cards, or donate directly to provide critical cash support for restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.

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About Beam

Beam is an app & integration that helps mission-driven restaurant and retail brands like IKEA, Dig Inn, &pizza, and Dos Toros build loyalty and brand community around shared values, not transactional discounts. We let customers donate part of each purchase to a supported nonprofit they choose while checking out from a curated set of options reflecting the brand's values. As customers track their impact towards goals as a community--like funding 400 meals for local New York families--they increasingly use their spending power at Beam partners that reflect what they believe in, driving stronger, long-term loyalty. To learn more, visit


Paolo Ramos/North 6th Agency for Lunchbox


Paolo Ramos/North 6th Agency for Lunchbox