Lifoam Industries’ NEW Envirocooler™ EVG™ Reduces Plastic Waste While Maintaining Quality Performance & Convenience

The first in a line of new sustainable products from Lifoam Industries, a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC, the new Envirocooler™ EVG™ uses a bio-based accelerant to provide customers with a more sustainable packaging option that delivers quality and performance comparable to traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipping products. (Photo: Business Wire)

GREENVILLE, S.C.--()--Lifoam Industries, LLC (Lifoam), a business segment and subsidiary of LifeMade Products LLC (LifeMade), earlier this year introduced the new Envirocooler™ EVG™ , an innovative addition to its temperature-controlled packaging line. The first in a line of new sustainable products from Lifoam, the Envirocooler EVG uses a bio-based accelerant to provide customers with a more sustainable packaging option that delivers quality and performance comparable to traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipping products.

“The initial response we’ve received from our customers has been outstanding,” said Mark Gettig, President of LifeMade. “Pharma, diagnostic, and other healthcare companies that are looking for a viable and sustainable packaging alternative, yet one that does not require significant logistic or cost changes, view our new EVG product as an easy transition away from EPS,” he added.

The bio-based additive in the Envirocooler EVG allows the material to break down in a bio-reactive landfill in less than four years based on ASTM D5511 testing. Unlike many sustainable thermal liners on the market today, it does not require sorting or separating for disposal. The material will not leave behind microplastics, there are no shelf life concerns, and it meets FDA 21 CFR standards for food contact – all with a thermal and material performance equivalent to traditional EPS. It is also Recycle 6 at more than 400 commercial recycling facilities that accept EPS and is accepted curbside within 95 local municipalities across the United States. Local county or municipality recycling options may vary and should be contacted for clarification or consumers may contact Lifoam for additional information.

Lifoam’s R&D is laser focused on creating products that meet the industry’s stringent demands and regulations. In the quest to develop packaging innovations that maintain the convenience, performance and temperature-control qualities of traditional EPS while reducing plastic waste and environmental impact, the Envirocooler EVG is the first in a line of sustainable products Lifoam is launching.

“Our team is focused on solutions that improve the environmental impact that shipping, packaging and convenience products have on our world today and for our future,” said Gettig. “The advances we’ve made will deliver the quality and reliability the end-user expects, while providing an affordable and more environmentally responsible option for companies looking for ways to reduce the impact of their products and operations on the environment.”

The launch of Envirocooler EVG precedes another introduction anticipated later this year, which promises to uphold the integrity of Lifoam’s reliable coolers while giving a whole new meaning to the term “sustainable shipping solution.” With a high-performing shipping material that will protect temperature-sensitive goods, this new premium product will be a game changer with advanced technology that will meet high sustainability goals and standards without the use of petroleum-based materials.

Stemming from a rich history with foam material, LifeMade and Lifoam of parent company Jadex, Inc., remain a market leader by continuously providing customers with the convenience and quality they value and expect for their medical and recreational needs.

About Lifoam Industries, LLC

Lifoam Industries LLC, a business segment of LifeMade Products LLC, is the pioneer of the original foam cooler and global provider of innovative and cost-effective cold-chain shipping solutions for more than 60 years. Continuing the legacy, Lifoam is developing leading-edge thermal protection products, and validating design and performance through onside labs. For More information, visit

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LifeMade Products, LLC., is a leading temperature-control packaging and single-use consumer goods manufacturer company with a strong portfolio of products centered around innovation, performance, convenience and sustainability, manufactured under brands including: LifeMade™ Consumer Products, Lifoam™, Diamond®, Freez Pak™, Envirocooler™ and ProPak™. With a mission to create superior products that push industries forward, LifeMade™ strives to make life - better. To learn more, visit

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Jadex Inc. is a US-based manufacturing and material science company utilizing innovation and technology to develop sustainable products that serve the medical, industrial and consumer markets. The range of products includes custom-designed plastic components, engineered nylon resins and monofilaments, zinc products, and temperature controlled products that solve both industrial and consumer challenges. Jadex Inc. operates out of 19 facilities across the US, UK and Puerto Rico and has approximately 1,800 employees. For more information, visit


Laura Mooney, Marketing Director

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Lifoam's new Envirocooler™ EVG™ provides customers with a more sustainable packaging option than traditional EPS shipping products.


Laura Mooney, Marketing Director