Spatially Health Creates Modern Data Warehouse for Healthcare Stakeholders

New platform offers a smart approach to data storage and enhanced analytics to improve business strategy and growth.

MIAMI--()--Spatially Health has been engaged by Provider Network Solutions (PNS) to develop an innovative data warehouse that addresses the shortcomings of traditional data warehouse models, allowing for advanced reporting and sophisticated analytics to capture business intelligence and promote data-driven growth for large and small operations alike.

This next-generation data warehouse will help PNS uncover, extract, organize and use its vast amount of data from various stakeholders to report on key pieces of business, while applying contextual and non-contextual data to reveal how the organization could improve its business workflows, develop new business models and support its network of providers and health plan customers.

Traditional data warehouses used by most healthcare stakeholders today can be inflexible and expensive to perform calculations that guide sound business decision making in the current healthcare environment. Moreover, these data warehouses can be incompatible with artificial intelligence, machine learning and 21st century analytical technology, which help other industries improve efficiency and business outcomes.

Spatially Health is addressing these shortfalls for healthcare stakeholders, like PNS, by creating this modern data warehouse that separates the data storage from computational tools. These computational resources, instead of being part of the warehouse infrastructure, are housed in the cloud and provide on-demand access, which minimizes the cost and work involved when changing computations are needed to address certain queries.

“We ingest a tremendous volume of data from multiple sources each and every month and found it difficult to retrieve the data in ways which would provide clear insights into our business practices and simultaneously discover opportunities for growth,” said Dr. José Pelayo, CEO of Provider Network Solutions. “Thanks to Spatially Health’s expertise in sophisticated analytics and robust data management, we’re poised to grow our business.”

“We’re creating a flexible, multifaceted and comparatively inexpensive tool to help PNS achieve its business objectives and enable its growth,” said Spatially Health CEO Hillit Meidar-Alfi, Ph.D. “They faced a common problem among organizations that use traditional data warehouses — the data they had coming in could be used in transactional ways, but not in a way to guide their business practices and decision making. This new infrastructure allows us to provide sophisticated analytics to help them better understand their data and what it means for their business outputs. That’s what we specialize in.”

Spatially Health, headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida, optimizes and translates data into information that healthcare business stakeholders can use to turn conceptual strategies into practical operations.

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Karla Hernandez