EOS Costa Rica and EOS Argentina Team Up To Launch Evodex Zero Gas Fees and Fast Transaction Times

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica--()--EOS Costa Rica, a blockchain infrastructure provider on EOSIO, and block producer EOS Argentina announced today that they have partnered to launch Evodex, a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on EOS where users vote on the pool liquidity fees and pay zero gas. The team has already started its private beta and will be launching on Friday, September 18th. With this open-source infrastructure contribution, the teams behind Evodex plan to support the development of DeFi applications and foster the growth of decentralized finance on EOSIO.

“A decentralized peer-to-peer medium of exchange is the linchpin DeFi tool,” said Edgar Fernandez, co-founder of EOS Costa Rica. “Trading leads into lending, which leads to a wider range of P2P tokenized interest-bearing instruments, and this is what makes building Evodex so exciting; it's the first major step to a symbiotic ecosystem of DeFi applications.”

The team behind Evodex was inspired by the Bancor and Uniswap simple-interface style, and built it with the end-user in mind. The front-end and web interface was built by EOS Costa Rica. It acts as a bridge to access the Evolution Dex Protocol, while the smart contract was created by EOS Argentina to interact with liquidity pools on the decentralized exchange platform.

In addition to the exchange’s essential capabilities – allowing anyone to create and launch trading pairs, and swap among EOSIO compatible tokens – design improvements and benefits include:

  • Swap between cross-chain wrapped tokens like pBTC
  • Liquidity providers vote and decide on the pool's fees they collect
  • Shared liquidity among all the exchanges that connect to the protocol
  • Fast and fee-less arbitrage trading
  • Trading pair creation
  • Open-Source Smart Contracts and UI

“We are building an open-source project for meaningful transactions to take place between community members,” said Jesús Chitty, co-founder of EOS Argentina. ”This is an invitation we deliver to the EOS family and the broader blockchain community so that we can collaborate in building a more decentralized future.”

To start trading on Evodex, visit evodex.io

About Evodex

Evolution DEX is a smart contract for EOSIO that allows anyone to create and launch their own trading pairs in a decentralized exchange and collect the gains from trading fees by adding liquidity to the token’s liquidity pool. Evodex welcomes community suggestions and contributions to the open-source code on Github.

About EOS Costa Rica

EOS Costa Rica is part of a company operating for more than three decades. The team develops, hosts, maintains blockchain infrastructure and network nodes and develops blockchain-based solutions for enterprise use. We have proudly been in the forefront of disruption, running the first BBS in the country, launching mobile web to Costa Ricans, and now advocating for blockchain’s many assets.

Learn more at: Eoscostarica.io

About EOS Argentina

EOS Argentina is a block producer company that seeks to innovate through EOSIO technology, driving solutions with a futuristic vision. This is achieved with a Latin American focus, driving adoption to the territory through the development of tools, services and infrastructure.

Learn more at Eosargentina.io


EOSIO is a next-generation, open-source blockchain protocol with industry-leading transaction speed and flexible utility. Introduced in May 2017, it has since been widely recognized as the first performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world. Learn more at: eos.io


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