Spin Technology Introduces Risk Assessment for G Suite Applications and Chrome Extensions

New Offering Helps Mitigate Security Risk Associated with SaaS Apps

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Today, Spin Technology, Inc., announces the general availability of Application and Chrome Browser Extension Auditing for G Suite in a new offering called Spin Risk Assessment. Spin Risk Assessment reviews all marketplace and non-marketplace applications and extensions connected to an organization’s G Suite data. Using Artificial Intelligence, Spin Risk Assessment performs a security audit to identify operational, security, and compliance risks. Spin Risk Assessment is available as a feature in Spin’s flagship product SpinOne or can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

There are over 1,000 applications in the G Suite Marketplace and over 180,000 extensions for Chrome Browser. While most of these applications and extensions are excellent tools for increased productivity, others can introduce risk. Some are even designed to behave as a trojan horse for malicious behavior. The Spin Risk Assessment screens each extension and estimates potential risk based on 20 different criteria, including the scope of permissions, vulnerabilities check, API calls, compliance metrics, and developer reputation.

Based on its review, Spin Risk Assessment develops and maintains a risk score for the application or extension. It also categorizes the application or extension into risk categories for easy administration. This risk score can be used in Spin’s no-code policy management functionality which will automate an allow, block, or further review of the application or extension. The risk score can also be used manually by the G Suite administrator to determine if the application or extension should be allowed, denied, or needs further investigation.

Spin Risk Assessment simplifies the G Suite admin experience by managing apps and extensions, helping Security teams improve the whole organization’s productivity by making the approval process faster and less painful. The increased efficiency saves a tremendous amount of time and reduces IT costs,” said Dmitry Dontov, Spin Technology’s Founder and CEO. “This functionality will give G Suite administrators and SecOps teams further peace of mind knowing their organizations are being protected.”

Spin Risk Assessment for SaaS applications and Chrome extensions for G Suite includes:

  • Operational, security, compliance risks assessment of G Suite marketplace applications, applications that use OAuth to connect to G Suite (non-marketplace apps), and Chrome extensions.
  • Streamlined approval process that simplifies the G Suite admin experience when it comes to a justification decision. This is a communication mechanism between Security teams and workers.
  • A policy enforcement engine to automate allowing or blocking of the application or extension.
  • Ongoing process updating on the risk of the application or extension, based on a developer update.

Find out more about Spin Technologies, or the SpinOne security suite at http://www.spin.ai/ for additional information.

About Spin Technology

Spin Technology is a SaaS cloud data protection company protecting enterprises against cloud ransomware, human error, and insider threats. Our solutions extend security on G Suite and Office 365 environments and protect organizations against Data Leak & Data Loss in the cloud by backing up sensitive data to a secure cloud storage. Our Artificial Intelligence provides 24x7 monitoring and detection against harmful threats and identifies business risks while our automated runbooks and deploy powerful countermeasures to ensure continuous operation.


Ashley Mann


Ashley Mann