Investor Group Comments on Resignation of Leaf Group Board Member Mitchell Stern and Company’s Belated Recognition that Director Charles “Lanny” Baker is Not Independent

Company Implicitly Acknowledges that Its Proxy Statement Was False and Its Strategic Review Was Led by a Conflicted Director

After Three Board Resignations, Investor Group Cautions the Remaining Directors to Refrain from Filling Vacancy Without Shareholders Being Part of the Process

LOS ANGELES--()--Investors owning over 40% of the issued and outstanding shares of Leaf Group Ltd. ("Leaf Group" or the "Company") (NYSE: LEAF), responded to the Form 8-K filed yesterday disclosing that Mitchell Stern resigned on July 10th from the Leaf Group Board of Directors (the “Board”) and that the Board has been forced to reconstitute the Audit Committee to remove Charles “Lanny” Baker, whom it belatedly recognized is not an independent director under NYSE rules.

The investor group includes Osmium Partners LLC, PEAK6 Investments LLC, Boyle Capital Opportunity Fund, LP, Oak Management Corp., Generation Capital Partners II LP, Generation Partners II LLC, Spectrum Equity Investors V, L.P. and Spectrum V Investment Managers’ Fund, L.P. (together, the "Investor Group") and is comprised of several of the Company's largest and longest-standing shareholders.

The Investor Group stated:

Mr. Stern is the third director to resign from Leaf Group this year. We can only assume that Mr. Stern is as frustrated with the Board’s failure to address the governance shortcomings and lack of leadership at Leaf Group as we are. We again call on the remaining Board members to fulfill their fiduciary obligations to shareholders – and to put the best interests of those shareholders first – rather than defending CEO Sean Moriarty in the face of overwhelming evidence that he has abused his position as CEO and lost his mandate from shareholders to lead the Company.

Yesterday, the Board also announced it was reconstituting the Audit Committee because one of its members, Lanny Baker, could not be considered independent under NYSE rules. The Board’s belated recognition of Mr. Baker’s significant conflicts of interest – which comes just weeks after the Board insisted in its proxy statement that Mr. Baker was fully independent – is deeply troubling.

This Board allowed Mr. Baker to serve on the Audit Committee and, more importantly, lead the Strategic Review Committee, despite his now-acknowledged conflicts. Had we not pointed out Mr. Baker’s substantial and disqualifying entanglements with Mr. Moriarty, we fear the Board and its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee would have continued to permit Mr. Baker to have significant and improper influence over the future of Mr. Moriarty and Leaf Group.

This Company’s failure to identify and disclose conflicts of interest demonstrates a lack of care and transparency. Its continued support of a failed leader in the face of widespread shareholder opposition is worse: it elicits questions as to whether the individual Board members are in breach of each of their fiduciary duties.

We remind this Board that shareholders who own more than 50% of the stock have spoken publicly and expressed a desire for significant change. This is a clear message that the Board does not currently have a mandate from its shareholders. Given this lack of confidence, the current directors must refrain from filling Mr. Stern’s vacant seat without a majority of shareholders being consulted and being part of the process.

We also encourage the remaining directors to seek independent legal counsel. A culture of conflicts has permeated the Company and needs to be reversed. We are confident that objective professionals will advise the directors of their obligation to act as fiduciaries and to listen to Leaf Group’s shareholders, remove Mr. Moriarty, augment the Board with new independent directors in consultation with shareholders and run a genuine strategic alternatives process led by a truly independent director.

The Board cannot cover its eyes and ears, hoping Leaf Group’s shareholders will ignore the directors’ troubling history, non-compliance with applicable rules and misleading statements. To protect shareholder value, it is incumbent upon the Board to listen to shareholders’ perspective and act in accordance with their interests. The conduct of the incumbent Board members over the next several weeks will definitively determine if these directors will be remembered as the villains or the heroes of this story.”

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