QuirkLogic Expands Ecosystem with New 13” Digital Writing Device: Papyr

An enterprise writing solution for businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. Available for purchase now!

CALGARY, Canada--()--QuirkLogic® today announced its latest addition to their digital writing devices: Papyr™. This 13” personal-size writing device, combined with the powerful InkWorks™ Platform, provides an innovative solution for individuals and teams to collaborate, work, learn and ideate in real-time, from any location.

Inspired by its larger, 42” counterpart, Quilla®, Papyr offers all of the same interactive capabilities for capturing, storing and managing your thoughts, ideas, notes and critical information, in a compact, portable size to take and use wherever you go. The paper-like surface and large 13” display make the digital writing experience feel as natural as writing on a piece of paper.

Work smarter, anywhere you work.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our product offering to include a 13” personal device,” said Nashir Samanani, CEO of QuirkLogic. “Papyr truly captures the essence of writing on paper, with all the power that digital technology has to offer.” Nashir explains, “We’ve seen tremendous interest from those impacted by the pandemic and looking for solutions to support their distributed teams and remote learners. Our collaboration technology has helped bridge that gap with tools that can integrate into their digital workflow. It allows everyone to continue to stay engaged and connected, providing an effective solution for any in-room, remote or hybrid environment.”

Powered by ePaper technology, Papyr’s robust set of features and functions support the day-to-day activities of professionals, educators and students across North America:

  • Compact, lightweight design will fit in any bag, backpack, or satchel so you can take it wherever you go.
  • Pen and paper-like writing experience.
  • No backlights or glare makes Papyr easy on the eyes for extended use.
  • Content is automatically saved locally or can be accessed from our secure, cloud-based content library using any QuirkLogic device, or our mobile and web apps.
  • Connect with your colleagues, clients or students and collaborate on the same documents and ideas in real-time.
  • Easily share and transfer your files using any devices via our mobile or web apps, keeping everything synced and connected.
  • Interact with your content easily: select, move, resize, rotate, erase, undo, copy, and paste.
  • Seamless integration with top file-sharing services.
  • Enterprise-ready to support large scale deployment.

Real-time Collaboration

Papyr’s compact size makes it the perfect note-taking companion, combined with a robust cloud platform makes it the ideal collaboration solution. Whether you’re strategizing with your team, working through design plans with your clients, teaching students, capturing notes from a lecture, or communicating details with a patient, Papyr is designed to keep you connected and engaged wherever you are.


Papyr is available now for online purchase at https://www.quirklogic.com/products/papyr with a limited time promotional offer of $200 off.

For more information or to speak to a sales representative, please contact sales@quirklogic.com, or call toll free 1 (844) 211-9801.

To learn more about us, please visit www.quirklogic.com.

About QuirkLogic, Inc.

QuirkLogic helps teams and groups to drive learning, creativity, and innovation by connecting people and content to facilitate collaborative, real-time engagement and ideation providing effective solutions to your most challenging problems. The company’s real-time ePaper-based digital writing devices are designed to support the creative process. Companies in various market segments including education, design, architecture, construction, technology, and healthcare have turned to QuirkLogic to modernize how they work together to brainstorm, strategize, organize, and develop their creative thinking.

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Jennifer Dobos
Marketing Manager
(844) 211-9801


Jennifer Dobos
Marketing Manager
(844) 211-9801