PRAAS to Offer Print Protection to 1 Billion Knowledge Workers via Microsoft

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--()--Global Managed Print Services (MPS) provider Fulton Francis has transitioned its business to PRAAS Ltd, and brought forward the launch of the world’s first vendor independent ‘Print as a Service’ (PraaS) offering to help secure remote office printing and document management via a 60-day free trial on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

“PraaS arrives at a time when IT departments across the world are tasked with securing a widened perimeter of untrusted devices on unsecured networks, and on maintaining compliance in this complex environment,” said Brendan Francis, Co-Founder and CEO of PRAAS.

With most of the world’s 1 billion knowledge working community recently displaced due to COVID-19, remote print and scan devices that are now part of the enterprise infrastructure are not secure, lack audit capability and data controls, said Mr. Francis.

A report from Virtulytix calculated a global print consumption of 2.5 trillion pages per year. We have not yet achieved ‘the paperless office’ and printing habits remain embedded, said Francis.

Reporting on the topic IDC has stated hybrid working and virtual meeting will continue to be the default option for knowledge workers and ‘IT vendors have no choice but to adapt to the next normal’.

IDC also reported that the PRAAS platform would be ‘particularly relevant in security sensitive sectors such as financial and healthcare that have struggled the most with security issues during the lockdown.’

Pre-crisis, 57% of large enterprises reported print related security breaches and this percentage may well have increased as home printing of documents has increased according to IDC.

“If you have 10,000 remote workers you now have 10,000 new offices that are being managed without the necessary print security knowledge - this is a recipe for disaster,” said Mr. Francis.

PraaS is an enterprise grade platform that manages all print assets regardless of location, brand, type or model. And with an increase of companies reaching for aaS solutions during uncertain times, IDC forecasts it to be the start of a new category that will replace MPS - for good.

“Partnering with Microsoft and launching on Azure means the PRAAS platform can manage the world’s print and scan devices, users and activity, wherever they are, and ultimately move customers out of print – for good – and for the good of the planet.”

It was this sustainability ambition along with the opportunity to protect displaced enterprises at scale that garnered Microsoft’s attention.

Microsoft New Zealand CTO Russell Craig said, “Microsoft is pleased to see Fulton Francis taking the initiative to develop this disruptive new Print as a Service solution, which we see as much needed innovation in this space.

As well as enabling cost savings, the advanced analytics featured in the solution will help organizations print in a more sustainable way, and the security and compliance features are important in the post-GDPR era – especially with so many organizations now having staff working and printing remotely.

We are looking forward to working with Fulton Francis and taking Print as a Service to our customers across the globe”.

To arrange an interview with Brendan Francis, contact Mihi Blake on +64-27-577-2500 or email | 60-Day Free Trial available at

Full media kit also available on the site including:

  • IDC Report, Virtulytix White Paper, High Res Profile Shots.
  • Editors’ notes and background information on: How PRAAS cost savings can save jobs; Why the print category is overdue for transformation; How PRAAS works and why they chose to partner with Microsoft.



Mihi Blake on +64-27-577-2500 or email


Mihi Blake on +64-27-577-2500 or email