Sixgill® Marries Complete Machine Learning Operations to IoT, Camera Data and Device Management, for Easy Edge AI Solutions Deployments in Sense 3.0

New low-code solutions builder makes it easy to connect cameras, sensors and devices; manage cloud or data center to edge deployments; train, deploy and retrain models, all in one environment, for sophisticated Vision AI and sensor fusion applications. ‘Plug-and-play’ dashboard fuels fastest-to-market creation of AI applications.

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--()--Sixgill, LLC, a leader in Internet of Everything (IoE) data automation and authenticity products, announced the launch of Sense™ 3.0 to solve the increasing challenges faced by developers and enterprises trying to quickly create, train, deploy, and manage multiple Machine Learning (ML) projects leveraging camera and IoT data streams in edge, cloud, data center and hybrid deployments.

Sense 3.0 unifies industry-first, complete ML models creation and lifecycle management with device fleet administration and data automation previously available to organizations only as separate, fragmented tools. When integrated with Sixgill HyperLabel™, capabilities include everything from ML accelerated data annotation, SmartML™ model training, model management and deployment to the edge, in a solution that is cloud, hardware, data and ML model agnostic. Sense 3.0 provides continuous training with automated model updating, deployment and versioning, particularly facilitating easily-created computer vision applications with MLOps maintainability.

Previous versions of Sense unified automation of data streams emitted by IoE instrumentation, for cloud, on-premise, edge and hybrid implementations. Sixgill later added ML, image and video data pipelines to Sense, but these capabilities were only accessible through Sense APIs. With its low-code, visual solutions builder and tight integration with Sixgill HyperLabel, a much wider range of staff skillsets can tap Sense 3.0 to build, deploy and utilize ambitious, powerful AI and sensor fusion applications.

Sense 3.0 Opens the Door to Multi-Discipline Project Collaboration

An important result of the end-to-end management features in Sense 3.0 is how this facilitates enterprise and workgroup project collaboration. A diverse set of users with widely varying expertise – developers, data scientists, business process owners, domain experts and analysts – now have one place to efficiently contribute, view consistent data, and get comprehensive performance information. Business users get process and data automation results plus notifications in the same way, from all their IoE applications built on Sense 3.0.

With Sense 3.0, more organizations will now be able to leverage the convergence of key industry trends that a short time ago were theoretical and esoteric but are now accessible and practical, including edge infrastructure, ML architectures that can perform computer vision AI at high frame rates and in real time, sharply-advanced ML modeling capabilities, and a dramatic reduction of specialized hardware requirements to solve everyday problems.

Not least among the advantages of Sense 3.0 is that it enables organizations to build all their real-time IoE data automation applications on one high-performance, scalable platform, with only one knowledgebase required to orchestrate and serve all of them. Plus, Sense 3.0 adopters gain holistic analytics made feasible due to the absence of data segregation imposed by full-stack point solutions.

Sense 3.0 Makes Enterprise ML Projects Quick, Affordable, Profitable

Sense 3.0 unifies edge model and data management and offers industry-first innovations for continuous model training, with "one touch" model updates simply by clicking “train”. ML models can be created in three ways:

  1. Leverage Sense 3.0 for smart, rapid model creation using ML-assisted HyperLabel annotation and SmartML training integration
  2. Select pre-built computer vision ML models from the Sense 3.0 Library that can be used out of the box or enhanced with your own data ingested through Sense
  3. Bring your own custom models to Sense 3.0; simply upload models and get started

“Until now, the AI, IoT, and edge infrastructure solutions ecosystem has been highly fragmented and complex. Building repeatable end-to-end process, performance and administrative capabilities currently requires specialized engineers and resource intensive development time,” says Elizabeth Shonnard, Senior Vice President, Products at Sixgill. “ML models need constant refinement and updating as real-world conditions change. And organizations often lack the expertise and rapid-iteration practices needed to apply computer vision to their own unique business problems.

“Sense 3.0 changes all of this,” says Shonnard. “For the first time, organizations have available one complete, highly flexible, extensible and scalable platform that unites all of the capabilities needed for successful, cost-effective AI projects, with MLOps for rich, sophisticated IoE applications that any organization can maintain.”

Sense 3.0’s Extensive List of Benefits Also Includes:

  • Dramatic speed and efficiency improvements for ML engineers, data scientists and organizations struggling to build their own computer vision AI and ML infrastructure
  • Complete centralized management of edge-deployed ML assets
  • Quick and easy iteration on models to achieve production-ready accuracy levels
  • Continuous training with one-touch model updating, deployment and versioning
  • Flexible integration into an organization's business processes to facilitate immediate use case analysis, actions and results
  • Automated actions based on ML detection results, rules, or both, across any or all data streams, such as sending alerts or capturing valuable video clips at key intervals for training
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of model performance metrics against benchmarks to understand and adjust the models as needed
  • Model effectiveness testing prior to deployment
  • Map display of camera locations and positions for managing and monitoring groups of devices
  • Easy-to-use, plug-and-play dashboard for non-technical use and administration
  • Fully documented APIs for easy data input/output

Sense 3.0 Opens Up New Classes of Industry Applications

End-to-end MLOps, IoE data automation and Vision AI capabilities enable entirely new categories of industry applications and use cases. A few examples – many already underway – span a wide range of industries and needs that benefit from one platform for multi-model deployments:

  • Workplace Safety & Employee Health: Space usage, workforce population occupancy, distancing tracking, fever detection, behaviors, and compliance adherence
  • Oil & Gas: Gas leak detection, pad security, safety policy enforcement, and regulatory compliance
  • Livestock Supply Chain: Livestock counting, identity, health monitoring, product grading and packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare: R&D acceleration, clinical trial data automation, medical imaging analysis, patient monitoring and mobile asset tracking
  • Hospitality & Restaurants: Line management, social distancing, facility occupancy, restaurant operations and customer experience
  • Space Utilization: Space design, architecture, optimization, merchandising, occupant pose, behavior and engagement
  • Autonomous Vehicles: In-vehicle advertising, passenger monitoring for experience, safety and compliance

“We vetted Sense 3.0 during its development by using it to build and deploy custom solutions for our customers,” said Phil Ressler, CEO of Sixgill. “Sense 3.0 functionality is a major reason why we’ve established a track record of entering domains new to us and proving solution functionality in under a month from a standing start, where established vendors previously failed in as much as a year or more of trying.”

Sense 3.0 will be available for Sixgill-implemented projects on July 1. The SaaS development environment will be available on an invitation basis July 1 - Aug 31, with General Availability slated for Sept 1.

Contact Sixgill for more information and pricing. Access further details about Sense 3.0 here.

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With the Sixgill product suite, organizations can easily acquire, analyze and act on IoE data, including images, sound and video, at any velocity or scale, to create sophisticated AI solutions to everyday business problems. The Sixgill product suite consists of Sense™ as the solutions-building and deployment platform for device data applications. HyperLabel™ simplifies and accelerates creation of annotated data sets for Machine Learning models in AI applications. Integrity™ provides real-time Blockchain data authenticity assurance for any data stream. To learn more, visit

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Daniel Kehrer
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Release Summary

Sixgill Sense 3.0 marries complete machine learning operations to IoT, camera data and device management, for easy edge AI solutions deployments


Daniel Kehrer
Sixgill, LLC