Water Features Enhance the Backyard Experience

Landscape designer Doug Scott offers tips for choosing the right water feature for any space


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In Exmark's new video, 'Go With the Flow', landscape designer Doug Scott explains how water features can enhance the beauty of virtually any back yard.

BEATRICE, Neb.--()--When it comes to beautifying the lawn, experts say water features are one of the best ways to add visual interest and a sense of peace and calm.

According to landscape designer, Doug Scott, of Redeem Your Ground in Atlanta, Georgia, water features also invite nature into the yard.

“Water features not only enhance backyard beauty by increasing visual interest, the bubbling sounds add a sense of calm to any outdoor space,” Scott said. “They also attract birds, butterflies and all kinds of wildlife, literally bringing life into your back yard.”

In this new Exmark Original video, Done-In-A-Weekend Projects, Go With the Flow, Scott discusses the various options available for water features, along with the benefits of each. He also outlines the maintenance needs and other considerations of each water feature type, so homeowners can choose the right type for their space.


With a wide range of shapes, sizes and options to complement any space or budget, fountains are one of the most common types of water features for homeowners across the country. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain over time.

“Fountains are one of the most popular water features I install for my clients,” Scott said. “Not only do they create the sights and sounds my clients are looking for, they do it in a way that accommodates their potential space and budget constraints.”

Water gardens and fishponds

“If you’re looking to literally bring nature into your back yard, water gardens and fishponds are really the way to go,” Scott said.

As the name implies, water gardens are gardens of plants that live in and around water. Best incorporated into a natural setting, water gardens enable homeowners to inject unique and vibrant plants into their landscapes. Plants common to water gardens include water lettuce, water lilies, horse tail, blue iris and sweet flag.

Much like water gardens, fishponds are best incorporated into a naturalized setting, and contain many of the same plants.

“The added bonus with fishponds, however, is that you’ll be able to enjoy the fish – mainly koi and goldfish – which you’ll be providing a home to,” Scott said.

Scott cautions that fishponds do add expense and necessary periodic maintenance, when compared to other water features. Additionally, homeowners must be cognizant of predators, both from the land and from the air, and provide adequate protection for the fish.

“Although adding a pond or water garden is more involved than just buying a fountain and plugging it in, so to speak, the life it’ll bring to your family outdoors is virtually limitless,” Scott said.

Waterfalls and streams are other popular water feature options. However, due to the engineering required to successfully install a pond or stream, Scott highly recommends most homeowners work with a professional installer on such a project. This minimizes the chances of things going wrong in the process.

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