The Inner Circle: A Quarter of Singles Have Lied on a Dating App, and Only a Third Regret It

LONDON--()--Ahead of National Honesty Day (30th April 2020), research from dating app The Inner Circle reveals one in 10 (13%) singles would dump someone if they caught them lying.

The most unforgivable lie is someone saying they don’t have children when they do (70%). This is closely followed by a potential partner lying about wanting a serious relationship (50%). Other unforgivable lies include:

  • Fibbing about your profession (38%)
  • Lying about your age (37%)

  • Hiding your smoking habit (32%) 

When pressing daters on their own honesty, around a quarter (24%) admitted to having told a ‘white lie’ to get more matches.

While 29% aren’t sure why they lied, 25% thought it was harmless. Just 14% admitted to lying to get their match to like them more while the same number (14%) wanted to appear better.

The most common lie among singles was telling their matches they exercise more than they do (27%) followed by lying about their age (18%).

But for daters who are prone to telling a fib or two, there’s a good chance they’ll get caught out. Nearly half (44%) have caught a date telling a lie.

Not-so-guilty conscience

Of the singles who have told a white lie on a dating app, only just over a third (35%) regret it, meaning 65% stick by their decision to deceive.

Three in 10 (31%) would only confess to a partner if it came up naturally while 5% would wait until they became official. Three in 10 (38%) would fess up as soon as they started to like the person they were dating.

Dating expert, Charly Lester, gives her advice to singles thinking about lying in the future: “White lies may be tempting, especially when you’re hiding behind a screen, but you are only going to get yourself into a mess you’ll have to sort out later. Whether it’s a lie about your height, appearance or lifestyle, if you’re looking to meet someone like-minded and who accepts you for you, it’s always better to be upfront and honest from the start.”


About the research

Research was carried out among 2,102 members of The Inner Circle in the UK during March 2020.

About The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a global dating app which screens its members to create the safest community.


Jessica Ballinger

Release Summary

What’s the harm in a little white lie, right? Well, new research by The Inner Circle reveals it could be a deal-breaker.


Jessica Ballinger