Cannabis Against COVID: Herb For The Cure

Saving Lives, One Delivery at a Time

The Cannabis Against COVID (CAC) campaign is dedicated to raising tens of millions of dollars for first responders and the fight against COVID. This would be accomplished through immediate legalization of home-delivered recreational cannabis, adding a temporary $20 surcharge to raise $500,000 a day (or more). Funds would go directly to helping save lives and support first responders. (Photo: Business Wire)

DENVER--()--With the devastation of COVID-19 on American lives, jobs, and industry, a ground-breaking campaign has emerged from Colorado to respond to this national crisis by raising millions of dollars through cannabis.

Cannabis Against COVID” intends to fight COVID-19 by changing cannabis policy - first in Colorado and then nationwide. This could raise tens of millions of dollars to directly support the fight against COVID-19.

Ironically, despite this crisis, delivery of recreational cannabis is not permitted in the state of Colorado. Without the option for delivery, cannabis sales are down 69% statewide right now.

The initial goal of CAC is to petition the State of Colorado to legalize home deliveries for recreational marijuana, and add a temporary $20 surcharge to each delivery, which would go directly to COVID relief agencies.

Colorado averages 25,000 daily cannabis purchases, and a $20 fee on each delivery could raise up to $500,000 (or more) every single day.

Ultimately, national legalization with delivery could create millions of jobs overnight, and billions in tax revenue. And if a similar $20 delivery fee was applied nationally, millions more could be raised to help fight COVID-19.

These funds would support medical workers fighting on the front lines - providing protective equipment for doctors and nurses, antibodies testing, ventilators, vaccine research, and much more.

Organizers of “Cannabis Against COVID” believe allowing home delivery with an additional fee could not only raise tens of millions, but also save jobs in an industry that employs over 44,000 in Colorado alone.

Cannabis Against COVID” campaign founder Dave Sheldon says, “Help is desperately needed on the front lines of the war against COVID-19. This disease could kill more Americans than Vietnam, and it feels like it is both destroying our economy and our way of life.”

Sheldon, a Denver based concert promoter, added: “Legalizing cannabis delivery has incredible potential to combat this pandemic in a real and direct way, overnight. Think about the kind of support that this money could help provide for the front line medical workers actually fighting this war.”

The campaign has partnered with cannabis software and consulting firm MJ Freeway to cultivate an online streaming festival, Cannabis Against COVID: Herb For The Cure. All participating artists would be streaming from their home studios.

This effort is intended to raise awareness not only for their Colorado initiative, but also for similar initiatives nationwide. The full lineup and details for this unique event will be announced on 4/20, a historically auspicious date for cannabis.

The organization is currently reaching out to nationally known musicians, comedians, celebrities, and visual artists to participate in this virtual festival to raise awareness and create change.

Sheldon emphasized, “The purpose of this campaign is to help our country in its time of need. Legalization and delivery could do wonders to help rescue the economy and American workforce, but most importantly raise tens of millions immediately to fight COVID.”

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