Sproutways Partners with Wave Rider Nursery and Santa Cruz Naturals to Spark California Market with Compliant, Essential Cannabis Genetics

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Sproutways, a marketplace platform for cannabis and hemp genetics, announces an integrated end-to-end ecosystem of essential genetics in California, the largest marijuana market worldwide. Sproutways, together with Wave Rider Nursery and Santa Cruz Naturals, aims to streamline supply chain access to METRC-compliant, premium-quality seeds, clones, flowers with unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles.

Through Sproutways' exclusive relationships with leading breeders, Sproutways has amassed a genetics library with 2,000 rare landrace, heirloom, and hybrid cultivars from 38 countries that have won dozens of awards including High Times Cup, Santa Cruz Cup, Emerald Cup and garnered worldwide recognition. By powering this library with grower education, searchable genetics profiles, and grow data, Sproutways unlocks highly valuable insights for industrial, recreational, and medical markets. Whether looking for rare cannabinoids, like CBC, CBG, THCV, or unique terpenes, growers can tap into Sproutways' platform.

"Genetics is the key to unlocking the value of cannabis across diverse markets and the main factor in the supply chain to define its quality and marketability. Our decades of global technology and marketing experience, coupled with partnership with world-class growers and prominent cannabis operators, make us an ideal partner to market highly sought genetics to California as well as the U.S. and global market," said Joseph Sulistyo, Founder and CEO of Sproutways.

Sproutways' partnership with Wave Rider Nursery will enable the cultivation and continual creation of unique genetics within a well-managed, compliant environment capable of generating a year-round supply of clean organic products.

"Our own experience and that of many growers are that seeds cultivated from second-generation plants are not as productive as original genetics," said Drew Carson, Owner of Wave Rider Nursery. "There's a clear need to improve ongoing access to rare, unique, premium-quality genetics to help advance the cannabis market. Our partnership with Sproutways help makes that happen."

Sproutways' partnership with Santa Cruz Naturals will make these genetics available and accessible to experienced growers in the Monterey and Santa Cruz regions.

"Santa Cruz Naturals has an outstanding reputation for providing the finest selection of cannabis products of the Monterey and Santa Cruz area. Because of this, we are excited to announce our partnership with Sproutways and Wave Rider, as they are pioneers in creating some of the most unique and robust cannabis genetics in the industry. Their selection of seed is perfect for artisan home growers and commercial cultivators alike." said Colin Disheroon, Founder and CEO of Santa Cruz Naturals.

Sproutways is excited to announce its affiliate partner program, available through https://sproutways.com/partner.


Sproutways is an open marketplace for cannabis genetics providing access to high-quality METRC-compliant seeds, clones, and culture. Sproutways' open platform combines education, community networking, and commerce to serve the needs of commercial and medical growers. Founded by respected California cannabis leaders, expert growers, and high-tech executives, Sproutway's open framework accelerates the overall growth of the fledgling cannabis industry through creating trust and reducing transactional friction.

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Wave Rider Nursery

Wave Rider Nursery, located just inland of Monterey Bay, has its roots as a family-owned backyard operation. Experiencing rapid growth, Wave Rider is today a well-respected and compliant vertically integrated greenhouse operator. Wave Rider oversees over 230,000 ft2 of commercial flower and nursery canopy that operates on a perpetual harvest schedule. Wave Rider Nursery's mission is to bring commercial growers the finest and cleanest genetics, including clones and teens.

Visit https://waveridernursery.com/

Santa Cruz Naturals

A cornerstone of the Santa Cruz cannabis industry, Santa Cruz Naturals showcases a large selection of premium, locally and ethically sourced cannabis products. With two locations serving the region, Santa Cruz Naturals is the first dispensary in the greater Watsonville area, located just outside its city limits in Monterey County. As a boutique, family-owned business, it partners with individuals and companies who align with their ethos and goes above and beyond to create some of the finest cannabis products in California. Customers supporting Santa Cruz Naturals benefit local farmers, artisans, and small business owners throughout the Santa Cruz community.

Visit www.santacruznaturals.org


Paul Aplin


Paul Aplin