Simple as One, Two, Three: Flavorful Just BARE® Chicken Wings

Expert Tips for Great Wings at Home, Every Time

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GREELEY, Colo.--()--The process of making great chicken wings at home can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be thanks to expert tips from Just BARE® Chicken. We’ve all been there — looking up recipes, buying the ingredients and then chickening out when it’s time to make a masterpiece in the kitchen.

There seems to be a stigma around having to go out for great-tasting wings, but that’s simply not the case. They can be made right at home,” says Sam Wallis, chef with Just BARE Chicken. “We focus on creating recipes that are packed full of flavor and simplicity while letting the great taste of Just BARE Chicken come through.”

Just BARE Chicken stands by the importance of providing a wholesome, all natural, no antibiotics ever ingredient that gives confidence to any at-home chef.

Wallis shares the following tips to create great-tasting, homemade chicken wings.

1. Purchase high-quality chicken
Starting with the right ingredients is a crucial first step. Just BARE Chicken Wingettes and Drummettes provide a blank canvas of wholesome protein ready for the right blend of flavors.

2. Find your flavor
Whether it’s ghost pepper heat, a savory barbecue or staying simple with a quick hit of lemon pepper, chicken wings from Just BARE are the perfect item to try new and exciting flavors.

A basic marinade ratio is one part acid (vinegar, citrus juice or yogurt), one part oil and one to two parts aromatics (finely chopped garlic or onion). Then, depending on your desired flavor, add herbs or spices to taste.

The culinary team at Just BARE is constantly exploring new ways to make homemade wings a win every time, such as the following:

3. Cook to perfection
By grill, oven or air fryer, there’s no wrong way to prepare Just BARE Chicken Wingettes and Drummettes. Ultimately, cooking chicken wings is all about highlighting the blends of flavor while preserving moisture and tenderness.

Every time you cook at home, it’s an opportunity to create an experience you can’t have at a restaurant,” Wallis adds. “Consumers can trust Just BARE’s wholesome, simple ingredients and recipes to gain a new level of confidence when cooking with chicken.”

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Just BARE® Chicken fuels people with wholesome, clean, responsible protein by providing All Natural, Organic and Deli varieties of chicken. Our Just BARE chickens are fed a vegetable and grain diet, raised on family farms and cared for by the poultry industry’s top professionals. Just BARE Natural products are American Humane Certified™, and our USDA Certified Organic chickens have access to the outdoors and are verified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic. We are committed to excellence and meeting the diverse needs of our consumers and customers with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones and no artificial additives. Just BARE is distributed nationally by Pilgrim’s®, a world-leading poultry producer. To learn more, visit and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Kelsie McEndaffer

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The process of making great chicken wings at home can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be thanks to expert tips from Just BARE® Chicken.


Kelsie McEndaffer