Software Advice Unveils Results of Patient Experience Study, Highlighting Importance of Telemedicine and AI in Healthcare

New research reveals 64 percent of patients prefer providers that leverage AI-powered tools, a growing emphasis on telemedicine for colds and increased affinity for EHRs


Software Advice surveyed U.S. patients about their opinions, preferences, and expectations around three major healthcare technologies: artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and electronic health record systems.

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Software Advice, a company that helps businesses navigate the software buying journey, released findings from its latest survey on improving patient care through technology. The study uncovered trends related to patients’ opinions, preferences, and expectations around three major, emerging healthcare technologies: telemedicine, artificial intelligence (AI), and electronic health record systems (EHRs).

The study found that the use of AI-based technology within a medical practice is rapidly becoming an important selection criterion for patients, as 64 percent of patients stated they are more likely to choose a provider that uses AI-powered tools over one that does not. Despite the value of an in-person physical exam, the survey also shows that patients are increasingly becoming more reliant on telemedicine to treat cold-like systems and other common ailments. In addition, the research shows that EHRs vs. paper medical records is no longer a meaningful debate, with 87 percent of patients preferring providers that use EHRs.

Patient experience must be a priority for practices as the power of healthcare consumers continues to grow. This study clearly shows that patients expect to be treated with the most cutting edge technologies such as AI-powered EHRs and telemedicine,” said Lisa Hedges, senior content analyst at Software Advice.

Telemedicine services and insurance benefits top of mind for patients

Telemedicine is in high demand for enhancing the patient experience, reducing the need to travel and minimizing risk of exposure in hospitals and clinics. The survey revealed that 84 percent of patients are more likely to choose a provider who offers telemedicine over one who doesn’t. The clear benefits of telemedicine are driving patients to become more familiar with their healthcare insurance coverage. In 2017, only 28 percent of patients were aware that telemedicine was covered by their health insurance provider. This number increased dramatically to 87 percent awareness in 2020, indicating more patients are proactively inquiring about telemedicine benefits. This reflects an increased need for providers to offer telemedicine services to stay ahead of the curve.

AI is revolutionizing patient-centered care

The use of AI-based technologies in healthcare is becoming more prevalent, as nearly a third of all respondents (31 percent) stated they have interacted with AI-powered chatbots on provider’s websites to get questions answered or virtual nurses that take patient histories ahead of exams. People are quickly realizing how AI is revolutionizing the way patient care is delivered and they are placing more emphasis on the use of this technology in the provider selection process. As this trend continues, it will become increasingly more important for practices to adopt AI technologies to attract and retain new patients.

To read the full results of Software Advice’s new research study discussing the impact of emerging tech on the healthcare patient experience, view our recent blog post.

About Software Advice

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Survey Methodology

Software Advice conducted this survey in February 2020 and surveyed a total sample of 1,000 patients in the United States. Screening questions were conducted to narrow the number of respondents down to 990 with relevant histories and experiences.


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Deesha Adyanthaya
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