AnswerConnect Offering Tools and Services During the Coronavirus Scare

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--On February 21, 2020, 11 cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in the United States. As of March 5, 2020, there are more than 80 cases across the US and 11 deaths according to the CDC. This health scare is moving many businesses to operate remotely from in-home offices, this movement being backed by the CDC. AnswerConnect has been working from Anywhere since 2007. AnswerConnect is offering its expertise, services, and tools for connecting newly-remote workers to help businesses carry on during the coronavirus scare.

AnswerConnect will provide a discount and free use of Teleport when companies sign up for service during the month of March.

AnswerConnect provides businesses with a 24/7/365 live answering service. Businesses can sleep well knowing that their business is being taken care of, even after hours. AnswerConnect provides message-taking, live-scheduling, call transfers, and much more. The tools we use are built in-house and are able to integrate with the most popular software.

Teleport will also be included free with any signups. Teleport allows businesses to conduct their meetings virtually from anywhere in the world seamlessly. This helps companies reduce their carbon footprint, brick and mortar costs, and their employees time commuting. Using Teleport is easy to use and a breeze to get started with.

Natalie Ruiz, the CEO of AnswerConnect, said on Wednesday “At AnswerConnect, we are leaning on our model, our experience and our tools to support our global clients 24/7/365. We are passionate about remote work and have been working in a distributed fashion since 2007. We have scaled back on non-essential travel, meetups and office days at our hub locations due to the coronavirus. We are seeing similar actions taken by our clients and companies around the globe. It's time to work differently and AnswerConnect can help. We are ready to leverage our expertise, our tools and offer our services to companies and individuals who need them now.”

For the entire month of March, AnswerConnect will be offering its call services at a discounted rate on its four starting plans up to 600 minutes and free set-up. AnswerConnect will also offer its telecommunications software, Teleport, free of charge when signing up for service. Teleport enables meetings to happen at any time, anywhere virtually. This saves time, commute, and overall health among the coronavirus panic. Join us to help keep our communities safe and healthy as we face this difficult health emergency.


Hannah Cleve