Box Chooses Collective Health to Empower Better Health Benefits

“Just okay was just not enough," why Box chose Collective Health

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Box, the leader in cloud content management, determined its insurance carrier was no longer meeting expectations and decided it was time to break from the status quo. Box was looking for a solution that could better serve its needs, and chose Collective Health to administer its health plans and manage health benefits for Box’s people and their families.

"Box punches above its weight class and we needed a partner that does the same,” said MaryBeth Kramer, Director of Global Benefits at Box. “The incumbent we were using was doing an okay job, but it was status quo. Things were fragmented, and we couldn't get the level of service we wanted for our people. Our people are our most important asset, and we were missing a user-centric experience for them.”

Aligning Corporate Values

Box’s benefits team sought to expand benefits with its growing workforce, and provide many of the latest offerings in digital health. Today, most companies who seek to bring more robust offerings, typically only have two choices: buy an off the shelf package from a single health plan, which may not meet all the needs of the workforce, or assemble a Frankenstein approach with upwards of 40 disparate digital health vendors to manage. As is all too familiar with the health benefits industry today, Box’s health programs had become unwieldy -- a patchwork of solutions too difficult to manage. As its health programs became more complex, Box wasn’t getting the support it needed and employees were voicing frustrations. There was a clear disconnect between its health benefits program provider and the company’s corporate values.

“At Box, we have a value called ‘blowing our customer's mind’ woven throughout everything we do,” Kramer said. “If our people have difficulty picking up a prescription or paying a bill, that’s a problem. This isn’t the experience we would want for Box’s customers, and we definitely don’t want it for our own people.”

Kramer added, “It's hard for people to be their best selves if something in their lives is not going okay, especially if it’s health related. When we talked to the incumbent about those problems, in the end, their solutions didn’t really work. They weren’t walking the walk. Just okay was just not enough.”

Box embarked on a search to assess its options and find a better health benefits solution. Kramer says, “It was clear that there was something different about Collective Health … They learn as a company by listening to their clients. No other health benefits provider or traditional health insurance carrier ever said that to us.”

Getting Started

Box chose to partner with Collective Health. Kramer and her team worked closely with Collective Health’s implementation experts to ensure a smooth transition to their new benefits platform. This type of transition is usually perceived to be a huge undertaking and a challenge for benefits teams, but Box’s experience was different.

“I couldn't have asked for a better implementation,” Kramer said. “I've been doing this a long time and haven’t experienced this ever in my career. I can honestly say, it was what we had hoped for and it is completely refreshing to partner with Collective Health.”

Open Enrollment

And when it came time to get Box employees—fondly referred to as “Boxers” at the company—engaged during Open Enrollment, Collective Health hosted a handful of curated events to deliver Boxers their benefits information in an accessible, easy-to-understand way. With several Collective Health ambassadors on hand for events ranging from a gelato stand to a puppy adoption pop-up, Kramer felt confident that Boxers got the answers they needed to their benefits questions.

“Collective Health’s Open Enrollment experience has been unlike anything that I have experienced,” Kramer said. “Benefits are my job, not my employees’ job. I can now say to them with full confidence that if you haven't understood your benefits before, you will now with Collective Health.”

Looking Ahead

While Box’s partnership with Collective Health is just beginning, Box is excited about the possibilities for the future.

"It's a big decision to move away from your traditional health carrier, but we knew we were doing the right thing,” Kramer said. “As a benefits manager, it's my job to help people. When our people have a conversation with Collective Health Member Advocates, they get questions answered and come away with a smile. That is the most meaningful thing to me and it tells me I’m doing my job.”

About Collective Health

Collective Health simplifies employee healthcare with an integrated technology solution that makes health insurance work for everyone. With nearly a quarter of a million members and over 50 clients—including Driscoll’s, Pinterest, Red Bull, Restoration Hardware (RH), Zendesk, and more—Collective Health is reinventing the healthcare experience for forward-thinking organizations and their people across the U.S.

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Laura Newell
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